The Reds beat the Phillies yesterday, 10-3. Joey Votto had a couple of RBI, and Jonny Gomes went 2-3 with two doubles and 2 RBI. Bronson Arroyo and Daryl Thompson looked good on the mound.

Check out the box score here for all the juicy details.

After beating the Tampa Bay Rays a couple of days ago, it’s clear that the 2009 Cincinnati Reds are the best team in baseball. In related news, it’s also clear that I’m the smartest man alive.

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  1. GregD

    And I just read that the Reds may get a break to the start of the season. Johan Santana, the expected opening day starter vs. Cincinnati, won’t be ready to go on opening day this year.

    Sometimes you need a little luck to get you started in the right direction.

  2. preach

    Hey, we beat the Rays, the Phillies, and next we go against the Red Sox. We are the best team in baseball. Wire to wire.

  3. preach

    Reds game on WLW tonight. I’m trying to clear my schedule and work out my sermon early….fortunately I have my text already.

    Anyone else listening?

  4. mhowes

    I think the big news is not the win and not that the Reds are now World Series favorites but that Taveras DREW A WALK!!!!

    I think he has started and led off every spring game so far but now that he’s shown he can clog the bases by not making a productive out I bet he gets benched. Which is fine by me, I wish he was not even on the roster

    Patterson set a modern day bar for horrible Reds CFers beating out a good list which includes Curtis Goodwin, Reggie Taylor, Deion Sanders and a handful of others. Can Taveras join that group?? I think he can.

  5. Y-City Jim

    We can really freak out when Juan “my flame is turned up” Francisco draws as BB.

  6. mham209

    Is there a webcast of the game available? I’m in PA and I used to get WLW ever now and again but not for a long time.

  7. mham209

    I forgot to mention, I’m too cheap to purchase the MLB live broadcasts. I do have the extra innings package through Direct TV though…

  8. Dan

    I’m in Virginia and I have Dish Network (no Extra Innings package option).

    Anybody got advice for me on the best way to be able to watch Reds games this year?

  9. BenL

    Dan – I don’t know much about the satellite options, but an internet subscription is great. My brother and I share a $110 subscription and we can watch almost every game. You can pay a little less if you don’t mind lower quality video. We can both log in at the same time and it’s no problem.