Hard to believe it, but Redleg Nation turns four years old today. It’s been a great run, and I am looking forward to the next four years.

Thanks to all of you. The discussions here are what makes this fun. Keep bringing it.

10 Responses

  1. GRF

    Congrats! This is a wondeful place, especially for out of town fans like me to keep up with what is going on.

  2. CeeKeR

    Congrats indeed! And like GRF, I also use RLN as a place for Reds news while I’m stuck in mid-state Pennsylvania.

  3. BenL

    Another out-of-towner would like to say happy birthday and thanks for the terrific site

  4. james

    Thank you RLN, if it weren’t for you I would only be able to complain about the Reds with my dad.. haha..

  5. Bill

    Thanks to Chad for coming up with this idea and keeping it going.

  6. nick in va

    Happy Birthday indeed. This is a great place. I’m not sure how I managed to survive all those years without it. Ok, the last part was a bit of a stretch, but I really do look forward to every post.

  7. Tartan


    If only I could convince my work internet filter to not think RLN is a “gambling” site.

  8. Tom

    Tip of the cap and a big thanks to Chad for making it all happen.