John Fay has some interesting quotes from Homer Bailey after his 8-pitch inning yesterday. Definitely worth a read.

I have my fingers crossed on Bailey for 2009. I know Chris Welsh doesn’t think Bailey will win the fifth starter’s role, and if you listened to the last Redleg Nation Radio podcast, you know that I think Micah Owings is destined to win that spot in the rotation.

But I’m rooting for Homer. I think the best case scenario for this pitching staff is for Homer to recapture whatever it is that he once had when he was the best pitching prospect in baseball. An effective Homer Bailey makes this pitching staff outstanding.

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  1. Brian

    Question: If Homer and Owings both pitch well enough to win a spot in the rotation and Masset remains as a strong long-man out of the bull-pen what would you do.

    Have your rotation be Harang, Volquez, Cueto, Arroyo and one of Bailey or Owings with Massett in the pen sending Thompson, Ramirez and one of Bailey or Owings to AAA?

    Or do you get younger with Harang, Volquez, Cueto, Bailey, Owings and Masset in the pen with Ramirez and Thompson at AAA and move Arroyo for an impact everyday player?

    I would probably look to move Arroyo because you still have good depth at AAA and you get Bailey more experience and you don’t have two rookies in the rotation since Owings has been around for a few years. It is also my opinion that although Arroyo gives you innings both Owings and Bailey have more upside in terms of stuff and potential.

  2. Matt Steele

    I wouldn’t even worry about it. Make one of them the 5th starter and the other guy in the bullpen (all things equal, I’d want Homer to be a starter because he has a ton more potential). Players, especially pitchers, are bound to get hurt. Having an extra capable starter would be a great resource to have.

    If you’re trying to compete, I don’t think you try to move Arroyo. Besides, I don’t think Owings has a chance to be as good as Arroyo. But I’ve been down on him for a long time.

  3. per14

    I’m thinking Bailey can at least get some good experience, and give the team a 4.75ish ERA like Cueto did last year. That would be a big improvement over last year’s 5th spot production. Frankly, I think Owings could do even better.

    I’m talking myself into believeing the Reds are going to have a very good staff.

  4. Steve Price

    I think Bailey should be in the bullpen and get comfortable…as his quote today mentioned, it was good to get one good inning to get things started. Build the confidence little by little.

    In a comment for another post, I listed a whole bunch of pitchers that Earl Weaver did this with amazing success. His starters spent a YEAR in the bullpen, with about ten spot starts throughout that season.

  5. rpa

    if bailey and owings both pitch well enough to make the team, they should both make the team. put one of them in the bullpen… flip a coin, whatever. there’s good and bad points to owings in the bullpen and homer in the rotation (homer has higher upside, owings in the bullpen gives the team a legit long-relief guy with major league experience, can be used as a pinch hitter on nights off or when the rest of the pen is well rested) or owings in the rotation and homer in the bullpen (homer can build confidence if they are careful about when he’s brought in to games, owings has already proven he’s a decent starter when healthy and could pinch hit when it isn’t his turn to start).

    if they both pitch well enough to force that decision, i’d be thrilled.

    masset is the odd man out if owings and bailey pitch well enough make the team, no matter how well he does this spring. if everyone else is healthy, you try to put him through waivers and keep him in lousiville. if he doesn’t make it through waivers, oh well…

  6. earl

    I just hope Bronson Arroyo doesn’t fall out of the box to start this season. If the young starters come through, Arroyo will be the one most likely to be used to try and bring in a bat and if he pitches like he did for the first six weeks of last year…we won’t get much.

  7. Steve Price

    I think we should hold on to Arroyo at least til all-star break since pitchers, especially young pitchers, are notoriously inconsistent.

    Yes, Arroyo is somewhat inconisistent but at least we know how his season will end up….

    He’s a great example of what “sample size” means….his overall seasons are very similar, but he has his highs and lows throughtout the season.

    As for Owings and Bailey…as stated, if Owings is healthy, he’s had major league exposure….Bailey needs small success steps.

    We have middle relievers that can go elsewhere. I’m higher on Masset than most seem to be.

  8. Glenn

    Its hard to judge the future based on just one outing, but let’s turn it around. What if Homer would have stunk out the joint his first time out? It could have set the scene for another bad spring for him. With that in mind, a good first outing was very important. Let’s hope Homer hangs in there.

  9. Sultan of Swaff

    I think Masset is the odd man out either way. He wasn’t good in his callup last year, and the in house options have more upside. Over on the ChiSox blogs, they call it the Masset Theory or something—meaning AAAA guys like Masset are an infinite resource. Put another way, him making the club would be very bad for the Reds. It would mean Thompson, Ramirez, and Bailey all sucked pretty hard this spring.

  10. GregD

    The bullpen:
    Cordero, Weathers, Lincoln, Rhodes on contract.
    Burton, Bray because of past performance.

    They have room for 1 more reliever if they use 12 pitchers, a 5-man rotation, and barring injuries. I’d hoped that one of Thompson or Bailey could be used in a relief role if they didn’t get the #5 spot, but the signings of Weathers and Lincoln seems to put them at an early disadvantage.

  11. Dan

    I don’t see much in Nick Masset’s numbers that suggest that he’s really any good.

    He gave up 10 hits per 9 innings and had a 1.46 WHIP and a 4.57 ERA in the MINORS.

  12. RiverCity Redleg

    There is no such thing as too much depth at Starting Pitching. The rotation will work itself out and both Owings and Bailey will get their chances this year. I hope they both continue to pitch well.

  13. Y-City Jim

    The best thing about his outing on Wednesday was the pitch efficiency.

  14. Tom

    I’ll be real surprised if Owings is not the 5th starter and if Masset is not the long man in the bullpen. Masset doesn’t have any optioins left and they really seem to like his arm. I think the only wildcard is if Bailey has an absolutely phenomenal spring and forces them to put him in the 5th spot. What I’d really like to see is Bailey go down to Louisville and be lights out and force his callup with a spot cleared by dealing Arroyo and his big contract for some good prospects.