Reds catcher Wilkin Castillo’s non-selection to the Dominican squad at the World Baseball Classic could help his cause during an even more important selection process.

Castillo, who can also play positions in the infield and outfield, is trying to make the Reds as an extra player.


Baker isn’t ruling out carrying three catchers on his 25-man roster, and Castillo benefits from also being able to play third base and shortstop. Ramon Hernandez and Ryan Hanigan are the likely Nos. 1 and 2 catchers, respectively.

“It’s a possibility,” Baker said of three catchers. “If you’re going to have a third catcher, you’d like him to be more versatile. He could play a lot of places. It depends on how it pencils out with how many outfielders we take, right-handed or left-handed as we put the pieces of the puzzle together and what you have and what your needs are, and how to place them. That’s how you build a team and try to get away from having any weaknesses.”

I don’t know much about Castillo, but it appears to me that he’s a catcher that owns infielder and outfielder gloves…I see no sign that he’s proficient with either one. We’ll see how this shakes out.

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  1. Phill

    Last year I think he only played left field for the Reds. He didn’t look that bad but that was probably just because he’s speedy. I was surprised that they when the Dunn trade went down they kept saying he was a catcher but he never once put on the gear.

    Jack of all trades…master of none.

  2. nycredsfan

    I’ve read that scouting consensus is that he’s passable at 2b, ss, 3b, and corner OF. Catcher is actually his weakest defensive position. He’d be a fine utilitly IF, third catcher if there isn’t a better offensive option for that 25th spot. (But I really hope there is.)

  3. Brian

    I think that if either Rosales or Janish have a good spring (along with Keppinger and Hairston) and then Dickerson and or Gomes and Jones in the OF then there is no spot for Castillo. Because when it comes down to it it isn’t like it was with Valentine because Ward will probably be the main PH with runners in scoring position and there will be better options in the IF and OF than Wilkin.

    I was really happy that Rosales had a good start to spring, I hope him or Janish earn a spot.

  4. Mark in CC

    His history was as an athletic infielder who D-Backs had start catching to increase his versatility. He is the prototype utility guy.

  5. per14

    3 catchers is dumb. It’s not a bad idea if you only carry 10 pitchers. But this team will carry 12 or 13. If Castillo was a Jose Oquendo who could catch it would be different, but like you said, there is no indication he is anything but marginial as a IF/OFer.

  6. Dan

    Wilkin can’t hit! He’s just not a major league hitter at any position! I don’t care that he’s versatile. His career minor league hitting stats are .279/.321/.391.

    In Tucson last year (hitter’s league!!) he batted .254/.305/.358.

    He strikes me as AA to AAA level organizational filler.

  7. Glenn

    I don’t know about carrying it out all season but a guy like Castillo could come in handy during a bad injury spell.

  8. RiverCity Redleg

    I thought he did pretty well last year after the call up. He played good defense and was a solid hitter. And he is very fast. You can’t beat his versatility. I don’t think he has a real chance to make the 25 man, but I think he is worth watching down the road.

  9. rpa

    wilkin is not a good hitter, and you really don’t need three catchers. we already have two utility infielders and more outfielders than we know what to do with. he’s an extra piece. hope he can go back to louisville and be ready for the call if someone gets hurt.

    thankfully, i don’t think which 25 guys the reds take north will ulitmately be dusty’s call.

  10. brublejr

    He is an AAA utility guy, who can help the bench when you have a bunch of injuries. How many other teams have kept 3 catchers like the Reds have? It can’t be very many.

  11. preach

    You guys are missing the opportunity here: If three catchers are a good thing, imagine how great this team would be if we added a fourth?