Mark Sheldon’s latest profile is on Jacque Jones, minor league invitee. I really hope he doesn’t make the Opening Day roster.

Well, that’s not quite right. If Jones plays great and wins a spot and hits well all season long….well, I’m all for that.

What’s more likely, I’m afraid, is that Jones has a decent spring, then Dusty Baker puts him in the Opening Day lineup…then Jones sucks up outs for three months before Chris Dickerson or someone else gets a chance to play more than twice a week.

Forgive my pessimism…but I’ve been watching the Reds for the last decade. I have reason to be pessimistic.

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  1. rob in stl

    Uhh geez. Reds fans are universally worried about Jones making the opening day roster. Why Jones? Laynce Nix had already been signed to serve as a caddy to Dickerson and fill a roster spot at L’ville. Jay Payton would have been a better fit. I don’t know, he might have retired but if not he hits RH and would have a better complement to Dickerson in spring training.

  2. Andy

    I guess I’m not *too* concerned about Jones taking playing time away from anybody because he’s not a “toolsy” player. At least Dusty could justify (no matter how twisted and misguided his logic was) giving playing time to Patterson because he he was speedy and played good defense. Jones is obviously on the downside of his career, and Dusty showed last year with the first base situation that he wasn’t necessarily going to favor experience over talent.

    Then again, we are talking about Dusty Baker, so I really *hope* I’m right 🙂

  3. per14

    This already reeks of Corey Patterson version 2.0. Although, to be fair to Jones, he isn’t Corey Patterson. I hope Dusty replicates what he did with Votto/Hatteberg last year vis-a-vis Chris Dickerson/mess of random mediocore LFers.

  4. rob in stl

    Read between the lines on what Baker has said regarding Jones, and it bodes well for him making the team. “He can play all 3 OF spots” and “we are going to work him out at first”.

  5. Andy

    I’d definitely like to see Dickerson and Gomes make the club. I’m sorry to say I think the Taveras signing makes Hopper somewhat expendable. Having two right-handed, Punch-and-Judy hitting outfielders is redundant, especially considering this year’s team looks to be a little anemic offensively. I think Jones would have the inside track for the third spot for no other reason than he’s a lefty.

  6. per14

    Dickerson not making this team after what he did last year would be almost indefensible. I’m not even sure Dusty could justify that. Conversely, unless Jones tears the cover off the ball, there is almost no justification for him making this team. He won’t make a lick of difference for a team that will probably win 75-80 games.

    Then again…

    We shall see.

  7. Matt McWax

    Dickerson will have a strong spring, I think. That would be the best thing to help the Reds avoid some stupidity. I think Hopper and Gomes make a nice bench duo. I would give Dickerson a chance to hit lefties before rushing into a platoon (with Hopper or Gomes). I still don’t think the Taveras signing was necessary but there’s no point in complaining about that now.

  8. BenL

    The Taveras signing does seem redundant/unnecessary… unless the Reds don’t expect that Hopper is ready to go. It’s too bad. He had a great year in 2007. Hope he makes a comeback.

  9. Chad


    The Reds should sign me. Sure, my high school statistics would indicate that I’m not a good bet to play very well. But you guys should give me a chance! I might turn out great!

    The point is that these guys have established a record of performance that isn’t good. Jones has been below average in four of the last five years. Give him a chance? Is it a good risk to HOPE (and let’s be honest, that’s what it is) that he is all of a sudden going to improve at age 34 or whatever?

    I get so sick of people criticizing those of us who are debating the merits of a particular player. If you think Jones is going to be good, tell us why! And bring some facts to support your argument. You may convince us (for example, my stance on Taveras is softening, as I hope you outline in a future post).

    Finally, I don’t dislike every signing. I like Jonny Gomes.

  10. Chad

    I liked the Daryle Ward signing, too. Gomes and Ward are two guys who, if used correctly, stand a decent chance of helping this team.

  11. Mark in CC


    I get what your saying about Jones and I agree and don’t think he will make it. But to end your statement with you like Gomes.

    You say:
    “The point is that these guys have established a record of performance that isn’t good. Jones has been below average in four of the last five years.”

    I would take Jones performance the last 3 or 4 years to Gomes although I really don’t want either of them.

    They both had terrible ’08’s but Jones hit .285 the two years before that while Gomes hit .216 and .244. Gomes had some power but Jones did too. The difference is if Jones doesn’t play well in the Spring I am releasing him and either way I am sending Gomes to AAA to prove himself again.

  12. Mark in CC

    I agree with you on Ward also and I think he makes the team but his stats are going backwards too if you are using that argument.

  13. Chad

    Gomes is still young. Jones is not. Therein lies the difference.

    With respect to Ward, he is going to be a lefty pinch hitter. He will be adequate in that role. If there was any hint that Ward could end up starting four times a week, I would not have been in favor of his signing.