Matt was kind enough to send a couple of links to some pictures of his throwing workouts…

Series 1

Series 2

Very neat pictures….really shows the effort, motion, and torque involved. I’m amazed at the stress that must be on the left knee and hip, and also probably on the lower back.

UPDATE: I fixed the first link, sorry about that.

5 Responses

  1. Sultan of Swaff

    Before anyone gets all goofy and starts suggesting correction to arm angles and such, let’s just remember these are professionals. They are in the top 1% in what they do.
    That said, don’t you think he’d be more deceptive if he dropped down and threw submarine-style??

  2. doug

    Funny you mention that SoS, because I was going to post ‘love seeing that elbow low like that, keep it below the shoulder and it makes my day’.

    The first link doesn’t work for me, but the second one did.

  3. Mike Martz

    Looks like he’s tipping his pitches………..

    Just kidding, those pictures are wicked awesome!

  4. matt klinker

    Although these pictures are amazing and I definitely use them to help break down my mechanics, to get a full understanding of my motion, you have to see it in real-time.

    Doug – I’m not sure if you are talking about pitchers in general, some quote I’m not aware of, or my delivery, but I wouldn’t say my elbow is below my shoulder.

    If is extremely difficult to throw strikes and stay healthy with your elbow below your shoulder. Even side-arm or submarine pitchers throw with their elbow above their shoulder. There is a small catch. Let’s draw a line from the non-throwing shoulder over to the throwing shoulder, and then down the center of the body. It should form a capital T. What I’m looking for is my below to be even or above the top line of the T. Don’t worry about the tilt of the body, just where the elbow is. Check out these extreme examples:

  5. Mrs. Carol Green

    So, Matt, it’s good to see your pix and be following along your career. About a year and a half ago, when I was still living in Flagstaff, AZ we spoke on the phone when you were working during the off season before you were heading to FLA for the first time ( I hope some of this is starting to come back to you). I told you about how we used to live near Sarasota-in Nokomis – and how much you were going to love it there (hope that turned out to be true). I tried to send an email to a site that wouldn’t be out there for everyone to read, but this was the best I could come up with for now. I want you to know that we’ve been following your career all this time and we are now living in San Antonio TX and wish you good luck! If you have 2 secs, let me know if you recall any of this story. I told you I’d be expecting tickets one day-remember? Carol