Heard from ex-Spotlight Player Thomas Pauly today:

I moved out to Houston Texas this past summer and I work in equity research for Raymond James following exploration and production energy companies. Basically we keep track of a lot of mid and small cap US natural gas and oil producers, a world I really knew nothing about coming from Florida.

Energy is huge in Houston and I’ve enjoyed the work/learning experience so far. It’s funny because they call me the dark angel around the office, the day I started oil and gas prices were at record highs and as you know, have since plummeted along with the stock market. In that regard, I’m fortunate to even have a job.

As for baseball, I might help with a little League team here this spring and I still keep in touch with most of my teammates, I’ve really enjoyed watching them come in town to play the Astros. The season can’t start soon enough. It’s sad the Reds will be leaving Sarasota, but I guess that’s just the business.

Redleg Nation is thrilled to hear that another of our ex-Spotlight Players is doing well…and wishes him continued success.