John Fay has the scheduled rotation for pitchers beginning with Tuesday’s intrasquad game.

–Aaron Harang is looking to rebound.

Eric Davis says this year’s Reds team reminds him of the 1990 team. I’m not sure I see the comparison, but I’m glad to see Davis back in Reds camps, working with the team.

–Ryan Hanigan is looking to find some playing time.

Great post by Slyde over at Red Reporter about 5 things that could make the Reds interesting out of spring training.

–Todd Frazier is drawing some attention. I can see why; the kid is going to be a player.

–Johnny Cueto is definitely pitching for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. He’ll join Joey Votto, Ramon Hernandez, and Jerry Hairston, Jr. in the WBC.

Looks like Adam Dunn will be number 44 for the Nationals, after all. Originally, he was given 32, but Lastings Milledge gave 44 to his new teammate. Milledge will now be Ocho Cinco.

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  1. preach

    “He was referring to guys like Norris Hopper, Jacque Jones, Jonny Gomes, Darnell McDonald and Laynce Nix.”

    Yeah, just like 1990 with Davis, O’neil, and Hatcher.

    And Weathers, Bray and Cordero are not quite the Nasty Boys either.

    This has to help the confidence of the young guys, and as a good will ambassador I suppose it’s appropriate and should be expected. Hey, I hope Eric the Red sees something I don’t. This time of year we are all hopeful.

    Wire to Wire, baby….

  2. Tyler W

    Maybe Eric Davis was just tickling our ears but I sure hope he’s right. I got thinking how we could compare the two teams and the first thing I did was think of the number of All-Stars on each team. The 1990 team had 5 All-Stars (C. Sabo, J. Armstrong, B. Larkin, R. Myers and R. Dibble). Last year, the Reds only had 1 All-Star (E. Volquez).

    If this year’s Reds are going to have a season comparable to the 1990 team, then we are going to need All-Stars. My question is, if you could forcast 5 guys on this year’s teams to be selected to the All-Star game, who would they be? That’s difficult because they would have to have some level of notoriety coming into the season and this year’s team obviously doesn’t have a lot of star power.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Reds with All-Star Game potential:


    The probability that five or more of them make the All-Star Game roster is extremely small.

  4. BenL

    Might as well add Bailey to the list! And I’ll go so far as to say the probability of 3 or more making the All-Star Game is still extremely small.

  5. Tyler W

    I definately think that Phillips, Votto & Bruce have had enough ESPN pub that if they started hot, they could merit some ASG consideration. Volquez is in the same boat because of being at last years game.

    I think the wildcard, or All-Star #5 in this case, NEEDS to be Willy Taveras. If July roles around and he’s getting on base at a .360-.375 clip with 40 steals and 55-60 runs scored then the Reds are probably going to be scoring enough runs to be in the hunt.

    If that’s the case maybe Walt Jocketty will get on this blog and give us all a big “I told you so!”

  6. KY Chip

    I realize E.D. is just trying to pump up some of the guys as they head into Spring Training, but I cannot fathom how anyone could mistake this year’s Reds team for the 1990 team.

    As for potential All-Stars for this coming year, I’d say it’s highly unlikely the Reds get more than 2-3 players. If Phillips, Bruce or Votto has an amazing first half, then they could be there. Harang or Volquez could make it with an equally amazing first half. In reality, I see one hitter and one pitcher making it.

  7. KY Chip

    Tyler W — if you’re counting on Willy Taveras to put up All-Star-like numbers this year, it’s going to be a long, long summer for both you and the Reds, I’m afraid.

    If Taveras is putting up those sort of numbers in July, then I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong about him. If he’s not, then Walt Jocketty should come here and say, “You guys were right after all.” I doubt either of those is going to happen, though.

  8. Phill

    Quote I think we can all enjoy from Dusty Baker via John Fay’s blog:

    Dusty on who they want as the number 2 batter:

    “I’d prefer someone with speed,” Baker said. “Someone who can get on base if Taveras is having trouble getting on. Double leadoff man. We’re still working on Taveras on-base percentage. We’re looking for a guy who take some pitches to let (Taveras) run, someone who can double steal where they can’t throw the trail runner out. They’re going to go for the trail runner.”

  9. Matt Steele

    If Willy Taveras is an all star this year I will get a tattoo of his face on my back.

    Dusty’s quote makes me think that if either Dickerson or Hairston make the starting lineup, they’re going to be in the 2 spot.

    This probably means that Jay Bruce is going to hit 5th, which isn’t a major deal as far as the impact on winning, but seems inappropriate considering he is our best hitter with the best potential.

  10. Tyler W

    KY Chip – I’m definately not holding my breath on Taveras. I’m just hoping he succeeds because if this team is going to score runs he needs to be a big part of it.

  11. John

    For the Reds to get anywhere, they need to get through May without a series of incredibly embarrassing games (losing in marathon extra inning games, giving up grand slams to Felipe Lopez, etc.). They also need more than one guy to start hot out of the gate. If there are 2-3 Reds who start off batting about .400 for the first couple of months, then this team has a shot at being there later. But this team can’t spend the first two months choking in the hope of catching up later. This is not a team that will catch up to much of anything. Even though they’re FAST!

  12. preach

    I don’t mind the double lead off hitter thing, but I am one of those guys who like it to be in the 9 and 1 hole.

    It almost sounds like Dusty is counting on Willie having a tough time getting on.

  13. Steve Price

    For what it’s worth…Dickerson strikes out about once every four plate appearances and that was true in the minors, too.

    Last thing we need is a strike ’em out, throw ’em out double play….and the last thing Dickerson needs is to let pitches go without being able to take a cut.

  14. preach

    “Hanigan fits in big,” said Baker. “There will be times when I’ll give Joey Votto a rest against a tough lefthander and I’ll play Hernandez at first base and catch Hanigan.”

    Never really considered this. What an interesting season. So, the only time Hannigan will start is against tough leftys. And I guess then if he doesn’t reach that .271 avg from last season everyone’s going to say that it was a fluke. Never mind he will be facing tougher pitchers when he does play.

  15. per14

    Hernandez at 1B?? Ohmigosh. I’d rather they play Keppinger at 1B against the real tough lefties.

  16. earl

    I don’t think it is comparable to the 1990 club, but this is probably the best batch of young talent the Reds have had since the mid 80s clubs.

    Remember Kal Daniels? Paul O’Neill had the longevity and Eric Davis had overwhelming talent, but Kal Daniels looked like he could be a hitter for a year and a half. He just never could quite stay healthy or get it together, but the guy was pretty good at the plate.