This is simply brilliant. From Beyond the Box Score, via Doug:

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  1. KY Chip

    Hi-larious. 🙂

    Be even funnier if Dusty was still in the Cubs’ dugout, though.

  2. BenL

    AriochRIP: I understand your point, but most of the Dunn fans on the site will agree that Dunn should be used in a way which makes bet use of his skills, rather than criticized for not being a typical cleanup hitter. There is certainly a place on any team for a guy who hits 40 HR and walks 100 times a year.

  3. GRF

    To be technically accurate, I believe you need a no option and a flow line back to “swing away” under the decision box for “did you strike out”.

    I may have spent too much time with these things…

  4. AriochRIP

    “Last year, his complaint about walks was in the context of people taking hittable strike 3 pitches.”

    Exactly. Which is why every time I heard someone claim that Dunn has a good eye (based on his walks), I’d laugh. If he had a good eye, he wouldn’t strike out looking so often.

    “How many times did we hear people defend Adam Dunn’s 200 strikeouts by saying “Yeah, but he walked 100 times.” What the hell does one have to do with the other? Do they somehow cancel each other out?”

    “I’ve never heard that argument.”

    I’m surprised – I’ve heard that one a million times.

    “The strikeout defense is
    1) strikeouts are basically the same as any other out
    2) strikeouts are better than double plays
    3) fewer strikeouts does not equal more hits”

    Not sure I’d agree with #3. Putting the ball in play more often wouldn’t result in a few more hits?

    “Too many people equate walks and OBP. The reality is that AVG is a huge portion of an individual’s OBP. Also, hits are much more heavily weighted than walks in the OPS calculation.

    1 walk in 1 plate appearance = 1.000 OPS
    1 hit in 1 plate appearance = 2.000 OPS”

    I never thought of it this way. You’re basically saying that a hit counts for on-base AND slugging, right? Wheras a walk counts only for obp… That does give me a slightly different view, I admit.

  5. Sky

    Regarding strikeouts — they just aren’t that bad. Frustrating as hell, sure, but overall, they don’t cost much more than the average out. High-K guys rarely ground into double plays, which are crazy harmful.

  6. Aaron B.

    hitting flow chart…nice..

    this is just like the algorithm flow charts I used to study in computer science.

  7. GRF

    Hudson signed for 3.4 million with up to 4.6 in incentives.

    Even with pick, I would have used the Weathers and Taveras money to make that move.

  8. per14

    Sure, a hit is as good as a walk and more valuable in OPS. But the problem is that it’s extremely hard to have a high OBP simply by swinging away. When you put the ball in play, you generally have about a 30% of getting to first. When you walk, you have a 100% chance. That’s why walks are so important. Some players have a pretty decent average, but because they never walk, they have a terrible OBP. Brandon Phillips, for instance.