An article on Edinson Volquez today, from

“I want another year like that, but better,” Volquez said.

Volquez has the makeup to do that. He also has stuff that includes a mid-90s mph fastball and a deceptive changeup to back it up.

Not much new….just some of the same old stuff, but also a little on the infamous video…

But Baker makes this comment:

“If [pitch counts] are what we have to worry about — last year no one knew what we had,” Baker said. “That’s already progress. A lot of times that second year, you’re trying to get a guy to have a winning record. We’re trying to get him to keep doing what he’s doing. [Instructor] Mario [Soto] has talked to him. [Pitching coach] Dickie [Pole] has talked to him a number of times. We don’t want him throwing the ball down the middle of the plate either.

“I’ve seen Greg Maddux throw 150 pitches early in his career. Everybody remembers the 85-90 pitch Maddux, but that was the mature Maddux.”

That last quote scares the heck out of me…