It appears that Junior Griffey will be signing with the Atlanta Braves.

We wish him the best of luck. Junior has always been one of our favorites here at Redleg Nation. We only wish things had worked out better for him (and for us) during his time in Cincinnati.

UPDATE: Ummmm, maybe not.

15 Responses

  1. BenL

    Less than 2 million? That’s a bargain.

  2. Brian

    I think this is the report that Griffey said was false, they have an article with Griffey on saying that after he read this report he called the GM of Seattle to let them know he had yet to make up his mind and would decide on Wednesday.

    So according to Griffey this article is false.

  3. rpa

    i just hope he plays in right when the braves come to town. i can’t wait to have an opposing player tell the fans to “shut the f- up” as opposed to having a guy from the home team do it.

    can’t say i’ll miss griffey at all. i’m not normally the heckling type, but i have to make sure i pick up tickets for any braves games i don’t already have…

  4. pinson343

    It seems that things aren’t finalized yet. I like Atlanta for Junior in some ways: the LF platoon sounds good, his family will be close, the weather is on the warm side. His father had a few good years with the Braves toward the end of his career (not that I expect Jr. to play much longer).
    In Seattle they love him so much it will give him a lift, and he can DH there. Being a DH and part time corner OF would be ideal.
    Either way, I wish him the best and I’ll take in at least one game he plays in NY.
    Here’s a very optimisitic projection: 50 HRs total over the next 2 years gives him 661 (passing Mays) and he retires. Of course, to do that he’d have to stay healthy (uh-oh).

  5. KY Chip

    I honestly didn’t figure Griff would stay in the NL. Thought the DH and a OF platoon would open up in Seattle for him… hmmm. Maybe we’ve not heard the final word.

  6. Y-City Jim

    I think Jr. said that because he promised a call to Seattle before making his announcement. I believe an announcement will be made today (Wednesday).

  7. Sultan of Swaff

    To me, it falls right in line with my impression of the guy from his days in Cincy–a (no doubt talented) guy who punches the clock and doesn’t take his work home with him–probably the main reason I never fully embraced his Red-ness. The choice of Atlanta dovetails nicely with his desire to have a good work/life balance. Hard to fault him for it at this stage of his career.

  8. Travis G.

    He’d be smart to sign with the Braves. They have a much better shot at being competitive this season and his dwindling power will go much farther at Turner Field than in spacious Safeco Park, in addition to being a shorter flight home to Florida.

  9. RiverCity Redleg

    Anytime someone says “done deal”, it’s rarely true.

  10. Brian just put up a report saying that he signed with Seattle.

  11. Matt B.

    I’m glad he signed with Seattle. Since I go to college in Washington, I’ll be able to see him play! Yay, win for me, and win for the Mariners.

  12. CeeKeR

    ESPN says Seattle as well.

    Nice to see him go back to the one place where the fans will (hopefully) appreciate him. They gave him a nice reception when he played there with the Reds a few years back during interleague play.

  13. pinson343

    They love him in Seattle, and Jr. had said he wanted to finish his career there, so this is no surprise. It doesn’t seem that the confusion with Atlanta was his fault, but how come Jr. always ends up in the middle of this sort of confusion, anger with a reporter, etc.

    Being able to DH will help him. He played like the young Jr. in the series in Seattle in 2007, a great defensive play, 2 home runs in a game, etc. I don’t expect Safeco to be a fountain of youth for him, but I hope he has a good season there. Good luck, Junior.