Today’s issue of the Sporting News has an interview with Adam Dunn. It’s on page 30. Also shows his rankings in HR, K’s and BB’s since ’04.

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  1. Y-City Jim

    The Dunn page of SportingNewsToday is now unavailable.

    Good luck to Dunn and his buddy, Kearns. Maybe on occasion they can go visit Farney in Baltimore.

  2. GregD

    I think you have to be a subscriber. (subscription is free) When I clicked the link, I got the following:

    “Use Limit Exceeded. This is a protected site. You have exceeded your accepted usage for this magazine. ”

    So I went to, tried to click on “mlb” and it gave me a chance to register. After registering, I could get to the MLB section and flip forward to page 30.

  3. Bill

    Ahh, sorry about that. It is worth subscribing too, nice 34-35 page sports section shows up in your email mailbox every morning.

  4. Y-City Jim

    I went ahead and subscribed. Dunn was quite nice in his thoughts on his former team.

    If Redleg Nation ever gets the chance to interview Dunn, I know some questions I would liked to be asked.

  5. Chris

    “Why are you such a choker?”
    “Why do you hate baseball?”
    “Why are you so selfish?”
    “How come you’re a communist?”