Spring training is almost here. Can you feel the excitement?

Mark Sheldon has the list of players who have reported to Sarasota early:

RHP Aaron Harang, RHP Jared Burton, OF Chris Dickerson, IF/OF Jeff Keppinger, LHP Arthur Rhodes, RHP Homer Bailey, RHP Nick Masset, RHP Josh Roenicke, LHP Daniel Ray Herrera, RHP Daryl Thompson, C Ryan Hanigan, IF Adam Rosales, IF Paul Janish and OF Norris Hopper.

Glad to see Homer Bailey on that list….

11 Responses

  1. doug

    I am glad to see Rosales and Dickerson. They are showing up very early as position players. I really hope that Rosales can get a legit look this spring as a utility guy off of the bench.

  2. David

    It is refreshing to see the young guys all coming to get some early work in. I am officially rooting for Dickerson, Hanigan, Rosales, Janish and Hopper.

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    Rhodes and Harang. To me it says they still have that desire to compete, and embrace the grunt workouts and drills . When that’s gone, at this or any level, you’re toast. That said, spring training needs to be at least 2 weeks shorter. These guys work out year round.

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    Anyone know what kind of offensive line Janish would have to put up to have a league average WAR given his above average defense?

  5. nycredsfan

    I would love to see Bailey win that 5th spot. I would also love to see Rosales beat out all of the recently signed retreads for that utility/bench role.

    Despite the frustrating off-season, I’m getting really excited.

  6. David

    Batting Value is:

    wRAA x park factor

    where wRAA = ((wOBA – lgwOBA) / 1.15))PA

    where wOBA = (0.72xNIBB + 0.75xHBP + 0.90x1B + 0.92xRBOE + 1.24x2B + 1.56x3B +1.95xHR) / PA

    Defensive value is much easier. It is simply the aggregate UZR for all positions.

    Win Value (a better measure than WARP) = Batting value + Defensive Value + Positional Adjustment (1.8 for SS).

    To calculate use CHONE or Bill James projections.

  7. oakhillbill

    respect to arthur rhodes for showing up early, he is going to be on the team and getting older but still wanting to win.

  8. Y-City Jim

    It would be nice to see our new catcher that has the questionable work ethic show up early as well as our SS that hasn’t played competitively for a year and a half.

  9. Glenn

    I’d also love to see Bailey step up and take that #5 spot.