A query posed by a loyal reader:

Hoping you can answer a question that I thought would be easy enough to answer on my own, but I can’t seem to find anywhere. Can you post a list of Reds Captains? Specifically, I’m curious about this because of what I think is some “misremembering” about Dave Concepcion (brought up again on your site in the Larkin vs. Concepcion debate). When Davey’s # was retired by the Reds, EVERY article I read indicated that Davey was named Reds captain in 1973. I find this really difficult to believe. 4 years into his career, a light hitting shortstop surrounded by all that talent was named captain? I always figured 1973 was a typo, but I haven’t been able to find verification of that anywhere (I even wrote to the Cincy Enquirer at the time, and they weren’t able to clarify it either).

I grew up (late ’70s) believing Rose was the Reds captain. Sure enough, one of the posters on your site mentioned that most people think Rose was captain, but it was actually Concepction. When George Clooney was on Ellen with Bench and Morgan, he pointed at Rose in a picture of the Big Red Machine and jokingly asked “Who’s that guy?” Bench replied, “That’s the captain.”

So, is even Johnny Bench mistaken?

Anyone have any answers?