Lots of discussion around the Reds blogosphere about yesterday’s signings of Jacque Jones and Daryle Ward. Daedalus is worried that the Reds are becoming the Cubs, and not in a good way. And over at Red Reporter, an answer for those who say “it’s just a minor league deal”:

As for the minor league deals? Yeah, Corey Patterson was signed to one of those too.

Ugh. Did he have to play the Patterson card?

Anyway, also check out the analysis of Chris Sabo’s Goggles and Dunn and Dunner. Both are worth a read, as always.

You know my thoughts: nothing to get excited about…yet. Low-risk/moderate-reward signings. Ward, in particular, could be a good spare part as a lefty with power on the bench. Better than the Latin Love Machine Javier Valentin, anyway.

We’re only in trouble here if Jones flops and Dusty Baker insists on starting him in LF for an extended period.

UPDATE: Check out the following quote from our intrepid GM…

“Talking with [manager] Dusty [Baker], we wanted to strengthen our bench with experienced guys and guys with good character that would fit our club and contribute,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said.

So, do we blame Dusty or Walt if this thing goes awry?