Here’s a YouTube Video of Volquez…and a bud of his….with a gun in the car.

I don’t speak Spanish, can anyone translate?

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  1. Josh

    I can’t translate Spanish, but a common sense translation says he’s an idiot. Perhaps he has a conceal and carry license or something, but why are you broadcasting it? All while wearing a Reds hat…

  2. Mr. Redlegs

    Well, before anyone jumps to rash conclusions, you need to know if the weapon is registered. If so, moot point.

    Secondly, and this is no stretch, it’s not unusual these days for athletes in the Latin countries to be carrying weapons. You can’t blame them. They are easy targets and victims of kidnapping, extortion, robbery and gang activity. It’s a very real problem with several cases making headlines the past two years.

  3. Phill

    At risk of sounding like a dolt….I don’t see it as too big of a deal. I don’t really know the Dominican Republic’s laws on guns except that I remember hearing they cost an insane amount of money compared to here.

    I can’t understand them but looking at the body language it looks like Maceo(a singer from the DR) is the one instigating the whole gun thing anyway. I was worried when I started watching that Volquez was going to pull it out and wave it around and crap. I hope the local media doesn’t blow this up too much.

  4. doug

    C Trent has this up on his blog and he said that its basically telling people out there to not try and car jack him because he has a gun. Apparently that happens a lot where he is from.

  5. Bill

    Video is still up, at least it was a second ago when I checked the link…as for the car jacking…I’m sure that’s what Plaxico Burress said also…just seems enormously stupid to me.

  6. BenL

    Well, I think DR is a different world from here. Maybe it’s stupid to carry a gun, maybe it’s not. I don’t know. But it is definitely not smart to end up in this video… Still, he’s young. Hopefully people don’t make too big a deal of it, and hopefully he learns a lesson.

  7. Mike

    Dominican rap. But waving that gun around is not good. A lot of guns down there like there are here, but when something happens in the Dominican Republic the law can be pretty unforgiving.

  8. Step

    The law can be pretty unforgiving unless you’re a famous baseball player. That has to help.

  9. Bill

    How do we know he was in the DR and not Miami? I don’t know if he was or was not, but this isn’t smart…publicity wise if nothing else.

  10. Steve Price

    Cesar Cedeno was from the Dominican Republic and gun play didn’t do much for his career or lifestyle.

    Brandishing guns didn’t improve Frank Robinson’s popularity in Cincinnati either.

    Rob Dibble throwing baseballs at people (players or fans) didn’t help his…

  11. rpa

    i guess my experience watching the bengals prepares me for the worst here. if i don’t hear anything else about voltron waving a gun around, no worries. i mean, it’s not clear that it’s even his gun…



    it’s bad enough when michael phelps doesn’t have enough sense to know someone in the room is going to pull out a cellphone and snap a pic when he’s hitting the bong, but when you know the camera is there? seriously?

    at least he didn’t shoot himself in the leg.

  12. rpa

    oh, and another thing.

    nice pants, edinson. very nice pants.

  13. Brian

    It doesn’t matter what country you are in or what state or what the laws are, or even what you are saying. A video like that is just made out of stupidity.

  14. preach

    “i guess my experience watching the bengals prepares me for the worst here.”

    That’s a shame. What a state of affairs pro sports are in this town. Well, at least we have “Big O” and the Royals….doh.

  15. Marty the Cynic

    It was a music video shoot

  16. Sarah-bug

    Edinson is in the video for Maceo’s new song.

  17. David

    Yeah…. I want to know more before I pass judgment, but first things first – WAY TO REPRESENT THE ‘NATI! He seems to be be assimilating pretty well to his new digs. 🙂

  18. Phill

    C. Trent said it was a promo shot for the Maceo video.

  19. Steve Price

    Okay…I watched both clips….and what’s the relationship of the gun to the video?

    Does it really matter, or is the music video an excuse for bad behavior?

  20. CeeKeR

    I agree with Steve – and with the recent problems with athletes and guns I simply don’t see how any good came come from this. Sure, it’s possible it’s harmless fun for a music video – but again, no good can come from it, so why do it?

    Sometimes I think that we the fans care more about the athletes than the athletes do. That’s a sad, sobering thought.

  21. Jared

    “Rob Dibble throwing baseballs at people (players or fans) didn’t help his…”

    Really? It did here in Iowa. It’s probably the only reason anyone I know has ever heard of him. Aside from the few games I’ve gone to, I’ve met 3 Reds fans in my life, by the way.

  22. Phill

    CeeKeR, it’s not that we care more about them it’s that we want/demand they fit into a specific role despite not knowing who they are on a personal level. The video was just posturing and nothing more. Sure it was stupid and that kind of stuff will always be stupid but it’s something that has been around. Heck myspace probably has thousands upon thousands of profiles with people acting tought and holding guns in a menacing way. I think the key here is that Edinson wasn’t really doing any of that in the video, it was Maceo.

  23. RiverCity Redleg

    I love the overreaction… HE WAS SHOOTING A RAP VIDEO… to still say he put himself in a bad situation is like saying Leonardo Di Capreo was stupid for getting on the Titanic. We all knew it would sink.

  24. Jose

    At least he didnt shoot himself in the leg

  25. Y-City Jim

    If he was shooting a rap video, it was one of the most poorly produced ones ever.

  26. Phill

    I don’t know man, watch BET’s uncut late at night and you can see some pretty awful music videos(sometimes they look like they’re done on camcorders).

  27. Steve Price

    Uh….like it or not, sports stars are looked up to as role models, and, frankly, they should be…if for no other reason for baseball to reach out to more kids.

    The NBA has had enough trouble keeping their audience, and football now sanctions their players for having a poor public image.

    It’s a sign of maturity….and, if I’m in Reds management, I’m having a serious conversation with Edinson Volquez.

    It’s not overreaction….not reacting is endorsement.