–How fast can you name the starting eight for the Big Red Machine? Take the test here. Nine seconds was the best I could do.

–As noted over at Nachos Grande, the Reds have a new theme/marketing song. It’s called “Paint The Town Red” and it’s by a group I’ve never heard of. That shouldn’t be a surprise, though. If it isn’t Dave Matthews Band, Frank Sinatra, or Jimmy Buffett, I’m clueless.*

*Yes, I know. I’m lame.

Video of the song is below, after the jump, if you’re interested.

Over at RR, they’re wondering if Joey Votto could be the next Todd Helton. Umm…yes, please. I’ll sign up for that.

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  1. GregD

    I don’t think you’re alone…no one’s heard of the-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-em.

    “”Paint the Town Red” is a song by The Hotcakes, a fledgling rock band from New York City. Because of the Reds, a lot of people will be exposed to the group’s music for the first time this baseball season.

    “The Hotcakes are a band without a record label. To say they were ecstatic about selling their song to the Reds is an understatement. “

  2. per14

    I can’t wait for the JTM commercials!

  3. GregD

    Yeah, those (JTMs) paint the town a different color.

  4. CeeKeR

    After listening to that song, I’m not completely convinced it’s going to be the next smash hit…but at least the Reds are active on the music front (though they also seem to only sign no-namers there too).

  5. BenL

    That’s most havoc-y tambourine-ing I’ve ever heard.

  6. GregD

    Buster Olney reports that Doc Hollywood thinks Griffey is in the best shape since “the first years of this decade” For all the talk of Dunn (not) coming back, would you take an incentive-laden flier on Griffey coming back to Cincinnati?


    If the Dodgers really have $25-million laying around, they could probably snag Sheets, Dunn, and Orlando Hudson on the Free agent market, filling 3 needs instead of bringing in a Manny who would be unhappily signed.

    An interesting “draft” at espn.com. “Battle of the Budgets” has 4 ESPN writers drafting an MLB team with a $40 million salary limit. They’ll playoff using diamond-mind baseball simulation (A very realistic statistical simulation, if you’ve never seen it.)


  7. Travis G.

    would you take an incentive-laden flier on Griffey coming back to Cincinnati?

    Aren’t they already paying him this season? ;P

    In other news, the O’s signed Ty Wiggington to a two-year, $6 million deal. Hell of a bargain there. (I don’t think they’ll be contenders this year or anything, but I really like Baltimore’s offseason so far.)

  8. Dan

    Wigginton and Taveras signed for exactly the same amount, I believe (2 years, $6 million). Isn’t that right?

    I like it when that happens – will be interesting to watch it play out.

    In theory, we could’ve gotten Wigginton for 3B, put EE in LF, and gone with Dickerson/Hopper or Dickerson/Hairston in CF for the same money.

  9. preach

    Now, why couldn’t Cincinnati have made this deal happen? Baltimore is no more of a contender than Cinci, the stadiums are relatively new and hitter friendly, and Cinci should be a contender in 2010.

    Hey, if it would have cost us 7 or 8 for two years it still would have been worth it, IMO.

    I guess he’s just not fast or havoc-y enough.

  10. GregD

    Another comp to watch – $6M for Hernandez or $6M for Zaun + Freel.

    Buster Olney is reporting that the Dodgers are indeed turning to Hudson and Dunn (they have the same agent). How would you stack this batting order:

    C – Martin (r)
    1b – Loney (l)
    2b – Hudson (s)
    ss – Furcal (s)
    3b – Blake DeWitt (l) or Casey Blake (r)
    LF – Dunn (l)
    CF – Kemp (r)
    RF – Ethier (l)

  11. per14

    Wiggington 2/6 and Burrell 2/14. Are you telling me the Reds couldn’t have gotten in on one of these deals!?!?!?!??! Instead, we get Taveras. This makes me sick.

  12. Dan

    To be fair, Greg, money changed hands in the Hernandez/Freel trade so I think effectively they are the same price this year. So I think the direct comp is just Hernandez vs. Freel.

  13. GregD

    As I recall it, the Orioles sent $1-2M with Hernandez. And the salaries are
    Hernandez @ $8M
    Freel @ $4M
    Zaun @ $1.5M

    If it’s $2M w/Hernandez, then the Reds are on the hook for $6M.

  14. preach

    “In theory, we could’ve gotten Wigginton for 3B, put EE in LF, and gone with Dickerson/Hopper or Dickerson/Hairston in CF for the same money”

    Heck, Wigginton has played a lot of left field at the MLB level. You could have put Wiggy in left if you didn’t want to change EE around, or rotate them until EE got comfortable. I believe he’s played some second as well, so we could have moved Phillips to…..nope, I’m not gonna’ say it.

  15. Phill

    37 games in left field is HARDLY a lot of left field. Doesn’t help that he was below average defensively in left field.

    Whenever talking about Wigginton, Jocketty never sounded like it was going to happen at all. Whenever mentioning moving around infielders it sounds like it won’t be happening.

    If Walt had ever once sounded enthusiastic about Wigginton I’d be surprised that he signed with a different team but the Reds never sounded deeply interested on top of not wanting to spend any more money this year.

  16. Y-City Jim

    Yeah, those (JTMs) paint the town a different color.

    The town’s sewer system, at least.

    BTW,bring Junior back. What can it hurt? Give him yet another new number and do some more merchandising.

  17. Deaner

    The next Todd Helton huh… that sounds pretty good.

    Does Helton still have have the highest career BA among active players? …or have Ichiro and/or Pujols surpassed him?

  18. Deaner

    I’m pretty much clueless on “new” music too, but I kinda like the song. Chances are if it song or band came out after 1998 or isn’t bluegrass, I’ve never heard of it.

    I may move past Chad in the lame/eclectic taste rankings… my favorites are: Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, CCR, Garth Brooks, Alabama, the Beatles, and Cast Iron Filter (a newgrass band based out of Charlotte, NC).

  19. David

    It’s no “Tessy” by the Dropkick Murphys.