Let’s talk baseball terminology: this is the very definition of AAA roster filler.

Or are we all still scared that the Reds are going to carry three catchers on the big league roster…again? And if this guy makes the roster, are we sure that he can create havoc?

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  1. Y-City Jim

    Cota spent all of 2008 with the Rockies’ Triple-A club in Colorado Springs and batted .319 with four home runs, 26 RBIs and a .342 on-base percentage. He caught eight of 28 (.286) runners stealing.

    He didn’t quite spend all the season with Colorado Springs since he sat out 50 games for testing positive to performance enhancing substances.

  2. Travis G.

    Cota was signed after another non-roster catcher, Ryan Jorgensen, decided to retire.

  3. David

    Eh – I hate minor league deals. I’d rather the Reds sign 25 awful players at the big league level then a single AAA player. That’s obviously an exageration, but a AAA signing usually means the player shouldn’t be on a MLB roster and the organization doesn’t have any prospects down the road capable of moving up a level.

  4. Chad

    Cota HAD to be signed to reach the Reds quota of catchers who have been suspended for using banned substances. Jorgensen served a similar 50 game suspension, if I’m not mistaken.

  5. CeeKeR

    I hadn’t seen this on here yet, but the Reds have a new “song” for the 2009 season: “Paint the Town Red” by the Hotcakes. I posted the only video of the song I could find on my Nachos Grande
    since I don’t know how to embed videos here.

  6. Glenn

    Without his roids, he probably won’t make the AAA roster.

  7. rpa

    i can’t believe the reds are going to carry three catchers again.

    i think (I HOPE) the idea here is that he accepts an assignment to louisville. it’s a VERY good idea to have a catcher with major league experience at triple-a. it’s not necessarily a very good idea to carry three catchers.

    but, the reds are pretty thin when it comes to major league-ready catchers… i don’t mind this signing as long as he’s got NO CHANCE of making the big club out of spring training (barring injury, of course, which is why you might sign cota).

    i think a lot of times these deals are a chance for a guy to get in a big league camp, show what he has to offer (if anything), see if anyone else is interested, and accept an assignment if nobody wants him on a big-league roster.

    there’s lots of work for catchers early in spring training, especially in florida (with the bad weather, split squad games and everything), you really can’t have too many in camp.

  8. Chris

    I can’t even pretend to give a crap about this team anymore.

    Is it bad that I write for a Reds blog?

  9. preach

    rpa is right: it’s good to have some MLB experience at AAA and at camp. I have seen too many times in the last few years when some of those extra arms and backstops came North in April. I understand that it’s a good thing in March, but a bad thing in April. Nothing bad suprises me anymore with this team.

  10. GregD

    He is on a minor league deal, so he doesn’t have to accept an assignment. His assignment is AAA. If Krivsky were still here, I’d be skeptical. Barring injury, I suspect he starts the year in the minors.

  11. GregD

    Oh, and as a catcher, wouldn’t his job be to prevent the other team from creating HAVOC? Or does he also have to create the HAVOC?

  12. Mark in CC

    Good signing. The type winning organizations make.

    We have a backup in AAA that has been in the big leagues for parts of seven seasons, 500 at bats. Craig Tatum is the porspect and you don’t want him to to share too much time with another prospect. So sign a veteran.

    Cota is going to be an extra catcher in spring training, be a veteran presence to mentor Craig Tatum as a back-up at AAA and to that valuable group of prospect pitchers who will be at Louisville.

    And if Hernandez and Henigan both get hurt you aren’t going to want to go with two rookies like Tatum and Castillo at the big league level.

    As far as steroids he got caught and punished when many others haven’t been.

  13. Glenn

    I don’t see the Reds carrying three catchers again. The only reason they did in the past was because Valentin was a pretty good pinch hitter and he could fill in at 1b from time to time. It doesn’t look to me like Cota fits that role at all.

  14. GregD

    “Good signing. The type winning organizations make.”

    Winning organizations sign AAA roster filler? I don’t disagree with a lot of what you said regarding the benefits of a ML experienced catcher in AAA, but I disagree with the notion that good organizations make this move. The Phillies somehow managed to win the World Series last year without such a catcher in AAA.

  15. World


    Ahem. With the exception of Mark in CC who sees it clearly, what’s all the bluster? The Reds signed this catcher because there is a profound need for receivers at Spring Training. You have a bevy of hurlers at camp and someone, who must be a professional as no amateurs are permitted, must squat down behind the plate. That’s all this is. One of the warm bodies decided to pack it in and go home and thus a need arose for another of his ilk who knew how to strap on the tools of ignorance. The player himself understands this but takes the opportunity anyway because he still is a professional and has hopes of showing the stuff which he is sure is inside him but just hasn’t come to the surface. You can’t blame him. And the pay for a few weeks of work is not bad.

    Think of Cota as a sparring partner. A professional, experienced one. And only a foul ball off someone else’s knuckles from digging balls out of the dirt in The Show in ’09.

  16. CeeKeR

    World: I think any fan would agree with you EXCEPT Reds fans as we have have seen the Reds carry three (all mediocre) catchers for wayyyyy too long.

    It makes sense to have extra catchers for spring training. It doesn’t make sense to have three catchers on a Major League roster, especially when none of them are particularly good (like Ross, LLM, and Bako last year).