This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. Replace “Kansas City” with “Cincinnati,” “Royals” with “Reds,” and “David Glass” with “Bob Castellini”:

– You know what would be great? If the Kansas City Royals announced tomorrow that they just signed Manny Ramirez and Ben Sheets. Convinced them each to come for one year, big money, mercenaries, and then they could go back on the market when the economy is a little better. And owner David Glass came out and said, “I expect to win this year. Or else.”

I don’t know. It would just a be a different story to write in Kansas City

Can you imagine? And I really think those two would turn the Reds into contenders overnight.

Dare to dream….

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  1. GregD

    Now it’s Manny Ramirez AND Ben Sheets? I think you’re starting to get a little greedy Chad…

  2. Jason

    Yeah, next thing you know, he’ll be saying we should have signed Sabathia AND Texiera AND… Oh, right. Dammit.

  3. Chad

    Heh. Yeah, “greedy” is the word, I guess. 🙂

    Really, the Reds don’t NEED Ben Sheets, although he’d be nice to have. I just thought that it was an interesting proposal that might have a shot at working this year, only because of the economy. Dangle a big one year contract and give it a go this year.

    If nothing else, it would make the Reds much more interesting in 2009 than they are going to be (unless you find Willy Taveras and Alex Gonzalez interesting). Then, when the cavalry starts arriving in 2010 (Valaika, Frazier, Alonso, etc.), the Reds can slide them right into the lineup.

    Sure it’s a pipe dream, but as it is, I have no hope for the 2009 Reds. This would give some hope. At the least, let me dream a bit in the off-season! There’s nothing else going on to discuss.

  4. Chad

    Oh, and Jason, I didn’t say the Reds SHOULD sign anyone. I said explicitly in the post that it was a “dream”.

  5. Chad

    Well, Sultan, that’s actually the point of all these pipe dreams. Signing Ramirez, etc., is a way to win now without gutting the farm system.

    It would cost lots of money, but anyone signed to a one-year deal wouldn’t be standing in the way of any prospect set to appear on the big stage in 2010 or later.

    Take a guy like Ramirez. He’s clearly underwhelmed by what’s being offered. If a team could break the bank and convince him to sign for one year, I would imagine he might listen. It would allow him to crush baseballs for a year at a price he likes, then he’d get to go back on the market next year, when the economy is better.

    Again, it’s all dreaming, but it’s interesting to talk about…certainly, it’s an interesting scenario for some of these also-ran teams who are looking to create some buzz and sell some tickets. Manny would do that. He might also help the Reds into the playoffs.

  6. Phill

    I think the big problem is Manny wants years+money and not just money. Manny Ramirez would make the Reds contenders in a New York minute and I for one would welcome that on a one year deal. Sure it’ll never ever happen but it’d be pretty nice if it did. Oh to dream….

  7. catcard202

    Yeah… 1yr of Manny being Manny, even at 37, would probably help the REDS into a NL wildcard slot…But if the REDS are willing to spent that kind of cabbage. Save it and bid on Matt Holiday after the 2009 season.

    (A snowball’s chance in hell w/ the Boras client, I know.)

    And if the Manny money was available for this year($20+MM) & needed to be spent…I’d just as soon sign Sheets (1yr/$10MM) & Abreu (1yr/$10MM) from what’s left on the FA market, w/ that coin.

    Abreu(34) may not like fences, but he stays all the healthier for it…and hits both LHP & RHP equally well (.292avg vs both over last 3yrs). Has 100+RBI potential & can hit in the middle of the line-up btwn Bruce & Votto.

    Sheets is the #1 guy left in FA that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the REDS to sign…Injury issues aside, he has the stuff to be a #1/#2 SP workhorse for any rotation in MLB. A 1yr deal, even in the $10MM range, is worth the health gamble..And the upside is HUGE if you get him on a healthy streak. He had mild issues last yr, but still went 13-9 3.09ERA over 31 starts/198.2in.

    Throw him into the #2/3 in CIN…


    Owings in a Spot Starter/Long Relief/RHB PH role…Not counting the GLUT of talented guys in LOU/AAA…WOW. Imagine the possibilities.

    Even if the CHC swing a deal for Peavy…The REDS could still legitimately argue that their rotation was the NLC best. And his signing would further play into the “Pitching, Speed and Defense” plan for 2009.

  8. David

    Another way to structure a deal with Manny is like this:

    Yr1: 30 mil; Yr2: 13 mil; Yr3: 12 mil; Yr4: option 20 mil w/ a 5 mil buyout.

    You could then defer the lion’s share of the Yr1 money over a period of 5 years or so (7mil, 6 mil, 5 mil, 4 mil, 3 mil, 3 mil).

    After year one, trade Manny. A number of teams would salivate over the remaining 2 year contract. The Reds would have to pick up the deferred money, but it wouldn’t bankrupt the team.

    Manny would either get 60 million over 3 years or 75 million over 4 years, which in this market is quite a prize for both Manny and Borras.

  9. GregD

    Oh, I don’t disagree Chad, I was just busting your chops. Sheets would give them a solid rotation, and even help the rotation depth if Volquez pitches more like the second half pitcher he was or if Cueto doesn’t improve his game.

  10. GregD

    I’d like a no-trade clause, $30-mil per year, and to be paid the year I played.

  11. Sultan of Swaff

    Dear Manny,
    Please hold out for the biggest deal you can get. Not only does it help me get more money, but I might even get to miss a week or two of spring training.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Adam Dunn

  12. Steve Price

    I mentioned signing Manny Ramirez a few weeks ago…thought it was a pipedream then, and still do.

    However, if the Reds want to be contenders, and send a message to the other major league players, they should do something like this (Jim Bowden, where are you now?)

    First….salaries will now start increasing as we approach spring training. Our management/ownership team (in my opinion) has missed an opportunity in a BUYER’s market to get some impact players. Our minor leaguers are a few years away….they’ve missed a chance to get some fans, and draw some attention from other players by not being willing to spend money to make some money. Anyway, they won’t all pan out…even if we believe the press releases (and they are marketing schemes, by the way), very few will make any sort of impact or even be regular players.

    As spring approaches, the demand will increase for these free agent impact players, not wane…salaries will begin to rise.

    The money’s already been appropriated to the minors; now the question is whether they want to invest in building a winner. Our “veterans” (outside of Harang and Phillips) aren’t enough for the young guys to build around. Votto and Bruce are essentially the “veteran presence” now and that’s not fair to them, nor are they prepared for those roles.

    A common lametation here is that free agents won’t play here….I don’t agree with that at all…we’ve had the money to pay Griffey and Larkin in the past, and management chose not to keep Griffey and Dunn…our team makes money…ownership has determined there’s enough of a fan following that they don’t have to spend money, or risk money, to gain financially. I think they’re leaving money on the table…

  13. Steve Price


    I haven’t said anything about everyone’s opinion of Adam Dunn’s work ethic…but, I feel the need to remind people of what the common Reds opinion was as Dunn and Kearns worked their way up through the minors.

    That Kearns had the talent, but no work ethic, and Dunn had the football workout/practice mentality.

    They wanted Dunn’s work ethic to rub off on Kearns, and use Kearns’s baseball background to rub off on Dunn.

    For all of the people who question Dunn’s outfield play or his ability to hit the ball…can any of us meet someone else’s expectations when it’s not our skill set?

    I suppose this is kind of falls into the “he that is without sin cast the first stone” genre. Dunn put up great numbers, and, from all accounts, teammates loved playing with both he and Griffey.

  14. Chad

    GregD, I know you were just busting my chops. You’re good for that. 🙂

  15. GregD

    “by not being willing to spend money to make some money”

    Reminds me of the Lindner years and the comment he made about asking more people to come out and pay to watch a bad team so that he could afford to sign better players.

    And I agree with everything you said about Dunner.

  16. Travis G.

    I would pay more for tickets to watch Manny Ramirez play for the Reds. Seriously. Hell, I’d pay extra on my Insight bill to watch their games on television.

    I know the Reds wouldn’t increase payroll enough to fit him into their plans, but Manny is worth breaking the bank for. He’s among the best right-handed hitters ever, and his average OPS+ for the past five years is only 3 points lower than his career 155 OPS+. He’s got room to decline some and still remain an elite player.

  17. nick in va

    Should we take up a collection and pass it on to the Reds so they can sign Manny? The top 25 commentors (minus me) can each put in $1,000,000. That leaves $6,000,000 for the Reds to fill in. Think about all the positive publicity!

  18. Steve Price

    Only if they’ll share in the profits, too.

  19. Brian

    Call me crazy, but I actually believe that if Manny Ramirez was signed the Reds would turn into contenders. The Reds would not need to sign Sheets for this to happen, Manny would do this on his own.

  20. preach


    I like that one of his comp’s is the LLM. We better hurry.

  21. Glenn

    The Reds would never spend the money, but since we’re dreaming here, if it ever would happen, this would be the year. There are a bunch of bargins out there. I’ll bet there’s some FA’s starting to panic going this far without a contract. BUT, it is only a dream.

  22. Steve Price

    I believe contracts will start to go up now…teams are as desperate as the players.

  23. GregD

    Manny is delusional. He turned down a 1/yr $25 million offer from the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers should just look elsewhere. Wouldn’t THEY be better off just going after Dunn and Sheets. Even on 1 /yr deals they could probably have both those players for $25 million, and IMHO, be a better team than just Manny alone.

    Time for the Dodgers to cut their ties and move on.

  24. CeeKeR

    GregD, I saw that too. I don’t know what Manny expects to get – $25 million for a year isn’t bad, and if you think the economy is going to recover, he can play the free agent game again next year. (and if he thinks the economy isn’t going to recover, no idea why he wouldn’t have taken the multi-year deal that was offered earlier this offseason.)

  25. goreds32

    Knowing the Reds, clearly we would never look to a free agent like Manny. As i looked at it though it might not be as crazy as it sounds. A lineup like with him would be an instant playoff contender, which would generate more fans and revenue. If the attendance stays about the same as it was last year, if each ticket is raised an average of $5 a ticket (obviously would depend on how expensive it originally is) that could pay in itself for Manny at a contract of 3 year for 60 million, which seems to be around what he is looking for. That would leave the lineup looking something like this:


    That, along with our starting five and strong bullpen could put us near the top of the NL.