Former Reds Paul Bako and Josh Fogg have found jobs for next year. Bako signed with the Cubs and Fogg is going back to the Rockies (albeit on a minor league deal). Good luck to each of them; I’m especially glad that they are going to other teams in the National League. That strengthens the Reds.

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  1. Chris

    I think I read that Juan Castro signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers.

  2. Mike

    Reds are strengthened by getting rid of these ‘old friends.’

  3. Matt B.

    Belisle and Fogg will be battling for a rotation spot in Colorado. Lovely.

  4. David

    Fogg had some success in Colorado. I think he needs to realize that he is no longer a starter. That goes double for Belisle.

    On a completely random side note, the Twins continue to shop Delmon Young. Why we aren’t thinking about Young is beyond me, headcase or not.

  5. Chad

    I absolutely agree with that. I would LOVE to see Young in a Reds uniform. I think he is ready to break out.

  6. Phill

    Who would it cost? A swap with EE? or EE+? I’m only saying Edwin because I know the Twins for the last like 2 or 3 years have been hard up on getting a steady third basemen.

    Delmon’s biggest issue that I have is his inability to draw a walk. What would the Reds do with another low OBP outfielder? When I say low I mean BP style not Taveras.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Trade EE then the Reds are hard up for a 3B.

  8. brublejr

    If they would trade EE for Young (who I would Love to have), would take another power bat away from the lineup. Young didn’t hit many homers last year and EE’s replacement wouldn’t hit many either (Keppinger).

    But if they were to trade EE for Young, then sign Crede to a 1 year deal with a 1 year team option, that could be interesting. Then you would have a good young OF and a good 3b stopgap (if healthy) until Frazier, Fransisco, or Soto is ready. Crede would be a thousand times better in the field and hit about 20 dingers and bat around .280 or so.

  9. Tom

    I’d like the Encarnacion for Young swap. I’d be fine with a year of Keppinger at 3B until Frazier arrives. Maybe we’d even get a little more look at Rosales at 3B this season, he had a good showing in winter ball.

  10. Dan

    Crede would be just another overpaid .310 OBP added to the lineup. We can’t take any more of those. Look him up – he’s really not been very good.

    If we want another 3B option, I’d recommend offering a minor league deal to Morgan Ensberg. He’s 33, so past his prime but not necessarily done yet. Career averages of .263/.362/.468 – not bad (though admittedly he was horrific last year).

    Frankly, I think we should give Edwin at least one more year. He just turned 26 last month!

    I still like Ensberg on a minor league deal as insurance, and as a second option.

  11. Steve Price

    Bill James said the other day that the “optimum” baseball age has increased from 27 to 28 in the past few years. That’s not to say it’s 28 for everybody, but that’s the average.

  12. David

    The Twins are looking for a 3B. EdE for Young seems to make sense as they both have huge upside but have issues of their own.

    How’s this? Reds end EdE for Young and add Wigginton to a one year deal? Wigginton’s reps are said to be getting desperate. Wigginton is a lateral move to EdE offensively and an upgrade at 3B.

  13. Matt Steele

    If we were to trade EE, first option has to be Wiggington

  14. Tom

    I don’t see them bringing in a FA 3B if they pull off a Encarnacion for Young type deal. We’ll get a 3 headed Keppinger/Hairston/Gonzalez monster on the left side until Frazier plays his way into contention.

  15. GregD

    “Bill James said the other day that the “optimum” baseball age has increased from 27 to 28 in the past few years.”

    Was this due to steriods and will we see the age decrease again over the next few years?

  16. per14

    Well I’m skeptical on giving up on EdE. The man can flat hit and he’s only 26.

    That said, the Young/Wiggington combination is a great and splendid idea and I’d do that in a second.

  17. Tom

    It’s not so much giving up on Encarnacion, who I really like, as it is upgrading the defense and trading away a good young player from a position of strength for a good young player at a position of weakness.

  18. Aaron B.

    Ya, I don’t knwo where this hatred for EE comes from. Up till this season he was making scraps… 26 home runs for spare change is a good return on investment. I believe he is the man who will emerge to gobbl eup RBIs on this team because there is a void in the lineup now. I think he impresses and earns his pay check… no way should he be dealt.

  19. earl

    I just don’t see Delmon Young as an upgrade over EE. Young might bust out and have a huge year, then again so could EE. I think Encarnacion has more patience and control at the plate, even if he is very streaky.

    I’d think part of Edwin’s problems in the field is concentration, as the guy can make the outstanding play at third and then will make the stupid throw on the routine one. The guy might be better off in left field, but it doesn’t seem to be on the table. I don’t know the numbers, but I think EE did seem a bit better last year than the two years before, so maybe he will get it this year.

  20. Glenn

    I wouldn’t think EE would be tradeable until after this arbitration thing gets worked out. After that’s settled I wouldn’t be surprised to see EE mentioned in some trade rumors.

  21. Brian

    It depends what they sign EE for. If it is a reasonable contract that has a few years on it then the Reds may move him. However, if the Reds avoid arbitration with EE on a one year deal he would still be eligible for arbitration next year and I am not so sure a team would trade for him knowing that they have arbitration coming up.

  22. Glenn

    You might be right Brian, but I’m thinking if this economic climate keeps up, there will be a lot of players who sign one year contracts. The one year deal could be the standard of the industry.