We discussed the Reds mascots yesterday, but I bet you didn’t know that Mr. Redlegs gets around so much. I’m starting to get concerned. He may end up like Bert.

11 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Too bad there aren’t statues of Mr. Redlegs like the Big Boy statues so that they could be stolen and carted around the country to have their pictures taken.

  2. KY Chip

    Does anyone else get the sinking feeling that the wall mural with the “waterspout” will be the iconic image of the 2009 season?

  3. GRF

    Ok, the banner picture of the mural already creeps me out a little.

    The waterspout picture is going to cause nightmares.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Does anyone else think that Mr. Redlegs looks like Super Mario?

    or is it that Super Mario looks like Mr. Redlegs? Mr. Redlegs is what? 140 years old now?

  5. EluneZ

    Slightly off-topic but maybe Reds fans could take it one step further and have Mr. Redleg and his waterspout dousing the Cubs bearrrrrr