Red Hot Mama has some good pictures from her leg of the Reds Winter Caravan. In Dusty We Trusty!

Also, Crosley Field Terrace went to the Louisville stop on the Caravan; his report is here.

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  1. preach

    From CTR:

    “While in Hawaii, Alonso said he played some third base and there were plans of him playing left field that never materialized. Although most believe he’s a first baseman only, Alonso said he felt comfortable at third base.

    “It feels great. I love it. That’s always been my position since high school. I’m looking forward to it,” Alonso said.

    However, the Reds haven’t said anything to Alonso a change in position.

    “I’m just going out there and practicing everywhere,” Alonso said. “Wherever they’d like to play me, I don’t care. I’m just here to hit, drive guys in and my defense will take care of itself.”


  2. Steve Price

    I think the phrase “defense will take of itself” means he’s a first baseman.