Not only is Sean Casey planning to retire, it appears he will be joining Barry Larkin at the MLB Network. I’d say Casey is a natural for that gig.

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  1. Phill

    Sean Casey will be a great fit for doing the tv stuff. Sad to see him retire so soon but should be good to see him on there.

  2. KY Chip

    Good idea, Jim — I’d like to see how he does with the MLB Network, but maybe we could convince The Mayor to come back to the Reds in the near future.

    But only if he’ll agree to do the games in an Irish accent… with a name like Sean Casey, it oughta be a requirement.

  3. Mr. Redlegs

    How will they get Casey to ever shut up? 🙂

    Guy is awesome.

  4. Matt B.

    Someone brought up an idea on a message board I sometimes go to. He said he doubted Casey would have talk bad about any players, like all the other former players turned analysts. But then the guy kinda implied this was a bad thing. Frankly, I don’t think Casey has a mean/ill-willed comment in him. Oh well.

  5. brublejr

    Jim, that would be awesome. I would love listening to Casey over those two anyday. I am sad to see Casey not playing anymore but excited to see him on MLB TV.

  6. Deaner

    Exactly… a natural fit for Casey… he gets to talk for a living 🙂

  7. GregD

    He’ll be the on-field correspondent reporting from the 1st base coaches box. He’ll bring live interviews with every player who reaches first base.

  8. Deaner

    HA! That is funny!

    Maybe he could sit in the dugout and chat people up.

  9. mike

    I ended up not liking Casey much. Couldn’t stand his fake charlie hustle but when he first became a Red I thought he was going to be a superstar. He put up OPS+ of 132 and 124 at ages 24 and 25.

    That’s not why I wanted to post. I wanted to post wondering WHY he’s retiring? He’s only 33. That’s young enough, especially for a 1B/DH to pay for a bunch more years.

    He had a 100 OPS+ in VERY limited time last year. It’s not like he’s completely awful or lost it.

  10. Deaner

    In this article Casey mentioned mostly wanting to spend more time with family as the reason for his retirement. Also… I don’t think that he was getting the kind of offers (mostly playing time) that we wanted.

  11. David


    The family line is a bunch of BS. He lives in Pittsburgh, but if the Mariners offered him a starting DH spot, he’d uproot his family at the drop of a hat. That’s not me, that’s Sean Casey —

    “UNLESS THERE IS AN OFFER THAT BLOWS ME AWAY, I will be retiring, and I’m not talking about money as I am the opportunity to play a lot more. It’s time to be around the family more. It would be too difficult to go another city, move the family and BE JUST A PART-TIME PLAYER. My family is ready to be in one place.”

    Translation: Casey is getting offers from clubs to be a bench guy, and if he isn’t going to sit the bench for a club that “does everything right” like Boston, he isn’t going to sit the bench for anyone else.

    Hmmmm…. do bench guys get paid more or less than regulars?

    It’ll be interesting to see if Casey “moves the family” to be a studio guy in Secaucus, NJ or if its “time to be around the family more” as an analyst calling games around the country.

    Bottom line: $$$$$$$$$$$ It’s in broadcasting at this point in Casey’s career.

  12. Y-City Jim

    Casey never struck me as the hardest worker, which makes it harder to get ready to play once you start reaching his current age.

  13. Mr. Redlegs

    Wrong! Casey and his family live in Florida, and to say the family line with him is BS is BS on yourself and that baseless rant. His two oldest, Andrew and Jacobs, are just now getting into sports and he’s always said he wants to be there like his father was for him.

    Sure, if there was a starting job somewhere he’d be a fool to turn it down. But he’s the cheapest guy you’ve ever seen, he’s saved and protected his money, and he’s got charitable causes and foundation work out the wazoo. He can make a few hundred thousand a year doing TV stuff while also being with his family, and that’s what has always matter to him most.

    Get a clue.

  14. David

    Sorry to take the beloved Casey down a notch to human level Redlegs. But he is just a guy. He isn’t immortal. He isn’t a god. He is just a guy.

    I have nothing against him quitting baseball. If he can afford to leave the game, all the power to him. But I’m sick to death of athletes saying it’s all about the family and then taking a job broadcasting which requires as much travel, etc.

    Call it what it is. Say, “I’d like to start. I’m no longer getting that opportunity. Since I can afford to take care of my family and retire, I’m going to retire. If the market would have been there, I would have stayed.” But that’s an image killer. I’d at least respect it.

    It’s neither here nor there, as I personally don’t keep tabs on where the guy calls home, but the article reads “Casey spoke via phone from his Pittsburgh home, his 5-year-old son Jacob was making noise in the background.”

  15. Mr. Redlegs

    Casey’s parents live in Pittsburgh. He resides north of Ft. Lauderdale. But nice of you to lump all retiring athletes in the same inane rant.

    Think about it: even the MLB minimum of almost $400,000 is still more than most any player can make in a regular job, and if they love playing so much they take that cash and continue onward. Especially since it adds service time to their pensions.

    So what you are yelling about is a.) pathologically wrong; b.) without foundation; c.) lacking common sense; d.) just a bunch of radio talkshow blowhard hooey.

  16. David

    Then the reporter got it wrong, not me. It’s a little creepy you keep such close tabs. Your undying devotion is appreciated, but prohibits you from seeing things as they actually are.

    Read the interview. “Unless I’m blown away [by a starting job] I’m retiring.” That means, I would like to spend more time with my family, UNLESS… What’s the unless? $$$$$$$$$$$ and he is probably getting paid more at MLB Network. Maybe family time is a bonus, but it isn’t the main reason. That’s all I pointed out, and that’s a given from actually reading the words he uses.

  17. Mr. Redlegs

    It’s not undying devotion, it’s facts. Read the transcript from his news conference today, which I told you about a day in advance. And you are taking the words of a newspaper article out of context. Shock. The printed word says one thing; the dumb reader makes up what he thinks is being said.