From Baseball America:

Best Hitter for Average Yonder Alonso
Best Power Hitter Juan Francisco
Best Strike-Zone Discipline Yonder Alonso
Fastest Baserunner Theodis Bowe
Best Athlete Yorman Rodriguez
Best Fastball Josh Roenicke
Best Curveball Kyle Lotzkar
Best Slider Jordan Smith
Best Changeup Ramon Ramirez
Best Control Robert Manuel
Best Defensive Catcher Ryan Hanigan
Best Defensive Infielder Zach Cozart
Best Infield Arm Juan Francisco
Best Defensive Outfielder Drew Stubbs
Best Outfield Arm Yorman Rodriguez

I admit, I had to look Theodis Bowe up…

Putting Yonder on this list for tools before playing more than a couple of weeks in the minor leagues seems to cheapen the list to me.

Projected 2012 lineup
Catcher Devin Mesoraco
First Base Yonder Alonso
Second Base Brandon Phillips
Third Base Todd Frazier
Shortstop Chris Valaika
Left Field Joey Votto
Center Field Drew Stubbs
Right Field Jay Bruce
No. 1 Starter Edinson Volquez
No. 2 Starter Johnny Cueto
No. 3 Starter Aaron Harang
No. 4 Starter Bronson Arroyo
No. 5 Starter Homer Bailey
Closer Francisco Cordero

I think Nefi Soto fits in here somewhere, not sure where. I also don’t believe Cordero will be the closer.

Top Prospects of the Year
Year Player, Position 2008
1999 Rob Bell, rhp White Sox
2000 Gookie Dawkins, ss Royals
2001 Austin Kearns, of Nationals
2002 Austin Kearns, of Nationals
2003 Chris Gruler, rhp Out of baseball
2004 Ryan Wagner, rhp Nationals
2005 Homer Bailey, rhp Reds
2006 Homer Bailey, rhp Reds
2007 Homer Bailey, rhp Reds
2008 Jay Bruce, of Reds

Chris Gruler, 2002 $2,500,000
Yorman Rodriguez, 2008 $2,500,000
Homer Bailey, 2004 $2,300,000
Drew Stubbs, 2006 $2,000,000
Juan Duran, 2008 $2,000,000
Yonder Alonso, 2008 $2,000,000

The Rodriguez and Duran bonuses are huge risks…we’ll see how they turn out.