I have a number of things I thought were interesting, so I thought I’d just toss ’em all together in a link roundup post…

–The Reds signed Jonny Gomes to a minor league deal. Now, this is a signing I like. Very little risk, and Gomes is a decent bet to be okay in a platoon with Chris Dickerson (more on him later).

— GM Walt Jocketty says the Reds aren’t going to be able to sign Bobby Abreu.

When you add these two items together, it’s becoming apparent that the Reds intend to go with what they’ve got in terms of manning left field.

–More on Chris Dickerson, as John Sickels has given him a C+ grade in his latest prospect book:

I wrote last year that Chris Dickerson struck out too much and wouldn’t hit for average in the majors, but that his speed, willingness to take walks, sparks of power, and excellent defense would make him a valuable fourth outfielder. That’s still my analysis, and I don’t think you will see him hit .304 in a full season. I think he’s a .240-.250 hitter in the Show, so he’s likely due for a correction. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him hit .220 in 2009, causing everyone to get down on him, but then stabilize at his real level of ability in 2010. And his real level of ability is pretty good: he’s made strides turning his excellent tools into skills. He could help a lot of teams as long as his weaknesses are accounted for. Grade C+.

Pretty much exactly what we’ve been saying here at Redleg Nation for a while.

–Now go buy Sickels’ prospect book. I get it every year, and it’s always worth the money. Great stuff.

–Lots of Reds on the rosters for the upcoming World Baseball Classic. On that subject, however, Red Hot Mama has a message for the WBC.

–CTR has a pretty good interview with J.J. Cooper of Baseball America.