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  1. Sarah-bug

    Please don’t anyone show this to Duncan. Who knows what he might do to prove he’s NOT a girl.

  2. Y-City Jim

    Off-topic but we can always use a Dusty Baker story:

    While praising his manager, Lou Piniella, at a public forum at Cubsfest this year, Chicago Cubs chairman Crane Kenney took a haymaker swing at Chicago’s former manager, Dusty Baker, now managing the Reds.

    “The one thing that we’ve done that I’m most proud of, we have the right manager. I can promise you that. If you think about the team that won in ‘07, does that team with our former manager? Not a chance.” said Kenney.

    “Remember how we started? Everybody remembers that we won back-to-back championships. If you were standing in Lou’s office like I did in the second week of May. I think we were 7 and a half games out. We had just got our butts kicked by the Marlins. To pull that team of where it was heading, which was sort of the typical Cubs downward spiral, one guy turned that around, and that was our manager.”

  3. Mike

    There’s an obvious dearth of baseball news.

  4. Y-City Jim

    There’s an obvious dearth of baseball news.

    At least in Cincinnati there is.