Last week, we were surprised that Chris Valaika, Todd Frazier, and Drew Stubbs hadn’t yet been given an invitation to major league camp this spring.

Well, Doug notes that some additional invitations have been given out. In addition to Valaika, Frazier, and Stubbs, invitations were extended to catcher Devin Mesoraco, and pitchers Pedro Viola, Ben Jukich, James Avery, and Jordan Smith.

Like Doug, I’m disappointed and surprised that Danny Dorn wasn’t given an invite. What does he have to do?

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  1. Nathan in Muncie

    I have feeling all three (Stubbs, Valaika and Frazier) have the ability to, and one of them probably will, impress in Spring Training. Where does it leave us if Stubbs has a much better spring training than Taveras, or Dickerson for that matter.

  2. David

    I have a hard time believing that Stubbs doesn’t offer exactly the same things as Taveras. Maybe a Stubbs/Dickerson platoon in LF would suffice. If the Reds aren’t too far out at the deadline, re-evaluate the market.

    I think Valaika has the best chance of making the team. In my opinion he could beat out Keppinger for SS. Frazier is still probably a year away. Don’t forget Alonso. He might force his way in at 1B which would move Votto.

  3. doug

    I just don’t see Stubbs being able to Josh Hamilton his way onto the team. I really don’t see the Reds bringing him north, even if he has a great spring. They have 6 million in Taveras and are going to use him in CF until he proves he isn’t the best option and given his ‘veteraness’ he doesn’t have to do much in spring to secure his job.

  4. Steve Price

    The invite is to give them so experience; I think Janish is more likely to make the team than Valaika. Most reports I see are that Valaika’s future is that of a second baseman. Stubbs made good improvements last season, but I’d want him to prove he can repeat. Frazier’s position hasn’t been decided on at this point…

  5. GregD

    The lack of a Dorn invite is baffling. Without a known solution in LF and Dorn’s minor league success, you’d think he had the least path of resistance to the bigs amongst the organization’s AAA players.

  6. Steve Price

    I suspect Dorn will get at bats with the big league club on split squad days, but it would have been nice to see him spending more time with the big league group.

  7. Josh

    Lou – I thought you said we didn’t have any high priced talent on this team?

    Charlie – I forgot about Dorn because he’s only high priced.

    I can’t resist thinking about Major League whenever Dorn is mentioned.

  8. GregD

    Josh – When thinking of the Reds offseason front office meetings, I picture the early scene of Major League when they’re looking over the players names.

    “I think this guy is dead.”
    “Well, cross him off your list!”

  9. Josh

    Haha – GregD. I think Dusty should buy a hundred batting gloves for Willie Mays Hayes Taveras.

  10. David

    GregD – LF is not the path of least resistence in the Reds system right now. A true SS would be the path of least resistence. Because of Alonso, EdE, Votto and Frazier will be battling over 3B and LF. Don’t forget that doesn’t include Francisco. All of these guys are ranked higher than Dorn.

  11. GregD

    If they had a true SS at AAA, I’d agree with you. There’s been enough concern expressed about Valakia’s defense, that I think he’d have to continue to hit and improve his defense to play over Hairston/Keppinger.

    Dorn is currently blocked by Dickerson, who the front office didn’t have enough confidence for the CF position. Dorn keeps hitting in AAA like he did at AA, and he should up.

    Alonso, Frazier, Francisco are all expected to start the year in AA, so I didn’t consider them to be in Dorn’s path.