This guy, from Cincinnati CityBeat, says the Reds should reconsider Adam Dunn. GM Walt Jocketty says, in effect, forget it.

You know what we think here at Redleg Nation: if Dunn would consider signing here (and I wouldn’t if I were Dunn, after the way he has been treated by this city), Jocketty should pursue him. Especially since the bottom has fallen out of the market, and Dunn is likely to be forced to settle for a lesser amount than he had hoped.

There’s another thing we think here at RN: from the moment Dunn was traded, there wasn’t one chance in a million that he would return to the Reds in 2009. Reds management thinks too much like the mouthbreathers who call into WLW: everyone wants to focus on Dunn’s shortcomings (and he had plenty) rather than focus on the things he did well (most of which he did very well).

Yeah, I know a bunch of you are going to say that we should get over it. You’re probably right, I will concede. It’s just frustrating that the Reds are going to go with junk in left field this year, with the big guy still available.