It’s been good to see and hear Barry Larkin on the new MLB Network over the last couple of weeks. Also nice to see Larkin on the front page of ESPN’s MLB section.

6 Responses

  1. nick in va

    I haven’t watched more than 10 minutes of the MLB network. How is it? I guess I’ll tune in more as the season gets closer, but whenever I infrequently look they seem to be replaying a game I don’t care about.

  2. David

    I really dislike the NFL Network, but I think the MLB Network is probably better suited for the setup. Pulling a game or two a week doesn’t interfere with the TV schedule as much as football.

  3. Deaner

    MLB Network has become one of my “default” channels. I really enjoy watching the classic games. They replay a lot of their shows over and over again, but I guess that’s understandable since they’re a new network.

    I would really like to see Barry make it to the hall. What do you all think his chances are? … first ballot? … ever?

  4. Phill

    I think Barry will make it although it might not be first ballot.

  5. Chad

    I like MLB Network too. I think it has real potential.

    And there’s no question Barry Larkin should be a first ballot Hall of Famer. He is one of the ten most complete baseball players ever according to Bill James. That’s impressive.

  6. Matt B.

    Keith Law (I believe) was on ESPN Radio last night saying that no one from the 2010 class is a shoo-in. He said Alomar could very well likely be the only player inducted next season, which I really find hard to believe. Of course, there is going to be much debate about Martinez and McGriff, but they both should probably get in. As for Larkin, though, it will be a disgrace if the voters cannot recognize what a gem he was. Law said he believed Larkin’s chances are hurt because of “the problems he had staying on the field.” However, Law did say that he thought all four players would eventually get in.