Some items from around the interwebs…

–For those of you who didn’t see this mentioned in the comments yesterday, Baseball Prospectus has a great article busting the myth of the salary cap. It’s a must-read.

–Replacement Level Yankees Blog has run a number of simulations of the 2009 season using player projections. They have the Reds coming out at 79-83, lodged once again in the ever-familiar fifth place in the standings..

This Hot Stove Report over at seems to indicate that the Giants had/have an interest in Edwin Encarnacion. We’ve been hearing that rumor for a while.

–Are the Reds really going to have more speed, or just less power in 2009?

–Over at Reds Minor Leagues, Doug has unearthed some video of Juan Duran and Yorman Rodriguez, the two big Latin prospects signed by the Reds recently. Interesting.

–Some Yankees fans want to trade Xavier Nady to the Reds…for Aaron Harang. No thanks. To their credit, they admit that it’s a longshot.