Chris Dickerson has launched this really interesting site, aimed at “greening up” the game (putting recycling containers in high school locker rooms, educating players and fans, etc.  Dickerson started when he was in AAA, getting SIGG Bottles to donate eco-friendly water bottles to replace the paper and plastic cups that littered the dugout and clubhouse floor.

We Play Green is going to have a t-shirt design contest during the season, with the winner’s design being worn by one of the involved players (then autographed and sent as a prize)  Bill Bray and Jay Bruce have signed on for the effort, along with a lot of other guys, including Ryan Braun and Chase Utley.

Dickerson runs the site with Astros pitcher Jack Cassel (brother of Pats QB Matt Cassel, who’s also promoting the initiative). 

(Hat tip to Doug, who got it from Trent’s excellent interview with Dickerson).

This quote from the interview makes me really hope Dickerson wins the LF job . . . and hits like he did last summer:  

I am a closet nerd. I read business books, I watch the history channel and Modern Marvels, and I love to read about the inner workings of corporate America.