Redleg Nation is proud to present this exclusive video of GM Walt Jocketty and Assistant GM Bob Miller discussing the Reds’ needs, just minutes prior to signing Fast Willy Taveras:

The 2009 Reds are going to create havoc on the basepaths. Havoc, I tell you!

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  1. RiverCity Redleg

    Did anyone else see that the RedSox signed Baldelli for just $500,000 plus incentives. What could we have possibly offered for us not to get him.

  2. Bill

    That is THE funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this blog…period! Great Chad, just great.

  3. David

    Well played. Doesn’t Goose die like 5 minutes after that. Foreshadowing?

  4. Joel

    Did anyone else see that the RedSox signed Baldelli for just $500,000 plus incentives. What could we have possibly offered for us not to get him.

    I’m guessing the Red Sox offered him a chance to play for a pennant. Not sure the Reds could offer that.

  5. Slattspub

    I just went to ESPN’s website and they’re not reporting this. If this is true I can’t understand how we could not offer more?

  6. catcard202

    My vote is for “Willy Mays Hayes”…

    You may run like Hayes, but you hit like sh_t!

  7. Dan

    The Red Sox offered large $$$ incentives too, I think.

    But I also think Joel is exactly right — it’s possible we had no chance at him. He was a free agent and a human being, and he can choose to sign wherever he wants.

    Fenway’s awesome, the team is great, the fans are great, Boston’s a fun place, I think he’s from Rhode Island… it’s possible Cincinnati had no chance.

  8. David

    I heard for awhile that he wanted to stay in the American League East so that he could be closer to New England.

    The Reds would have had to really priced themselves out of the market.

    It shouldn’t be understated what Joel suggests. Players are human beings and money is not always the motivating factor. The Reds often get reemed because they didn’t sign so-and-so or didn’t bring back so-and-so (Adam Dunn). Well, it’s a two way street and sometimes players just don’t want to be in Cincinnati.

  9. Y-City Jim

    My vote is for “Willy Mays Hayes”…

    You may run like Hayes, but you hit like sh_t!

    His name then would have to be Crappy Mays Hayes.

  10. Y-City Jim

    Baldelli probably isn’t fast enough for the Reds.

  11. Phill

    Baldelli grew up a Red Sox fan and I remember hearing him say that playing in Fenway his first time was a dream come true to him even if he was on the away team.

  12. preach

    Will Willie throw his glove on Dusty’s desk like Cougar did his wings if he can’t cut it?

    Talk to me Goose….

  13. Dan

    I don’t think Goose died… he just went bald, changed his name, and entered the medical profession… oh yeah, and then died.

  14. KY Chip

    Heyman at SI is reporting that the Pirates offered Baldelli more guaranteed money than the $500K the BoSox came with.

    I’d say it’s quite likely a combination of other things — incentives, chance to play for a contender, stay closer to his home — that led to Baldelli taking Boston’s offer.

    That (and his obvious decline in speed) meant the Reds had virtually no chance to land him.

  15. preach

    (First base coach speaking) That’s right, Willie, now when Jerry hits that weak mess to second, he’ll put on the brakes and you’ll fly right by..

  16. World

    I read all of these comments and I immediately come to this conclusion.

    Who really wants to play for the Reds right now?

    For the honor of battling the Pirates for last place in the division? To read and listen to endless banter about how inept Dusty Baker is and that he should be fired forthwith? Etc., etc., etc. Baldelli would have been a good addition but why would he sign with Cincinnati when he has a shot at a pennant with the Red Sox?

    This is going to be a long year folks. A rebuilding year, to be sure, but a painful one nonetheless.

    The overall pitching is shaky at best, the 3B is likely to toss one in the stands, there’s not much power in a bandbox, the fans hate the manager, who’s the leader in the clubhouse, there’s no SS to speak of, the outfield is sub-par, and Big Bob has a short fuse. I saw him give a passionate speech soon after taking the club that he wanted to win right away and not wait for the future. He cannot be a happy man right now.

    My guess for the season? A change in the manager’s office and a flurry of dealdline deals to infuse some veteran presence into a lineup that has very little. Overall, a team that is basically lost and stuck in perpetual 5th place. Not a pretty sight.

    Aye carumba!

  17. Mike Martz

    LMAO! you guys are just too funny!

  18. Mike Martz

    Oh, I forgot to add….

    I think Dusty has lost that lovin’ feeling! 😉

  19. brublejr

    Classic…We have to keep ourselves entertained somehow and it surely isn’t going to be watching the Reds score 3 or fewer runs a game.

  20. Mike Martz

    3 runa a game, I like the optimism!

  21. catcard202

    Can we rename US50 to “the…Highway…too… The Danger Zone”???

    Could start a whole new city media marketing campaign around King’s Island & Reds Baseball, this summer.

    “Take a ride…on to…The Danger Zone”… and come see all that Cincinnati has to offer as a summertime So. Ohio vacation alternative….”As you ride on thru…The Danger Zoneee”…on to your overpriced Walt Disney World Florida vacation destination.

  22. Jared

    “There seems to be little interest in the lefty-hitting free agents such as Bobby Abreu, Garret Anderson, Cliff Floyd and former Reds player Adam Dunn.”

    Sure, a righty would be nice.. but have you ever imagined having Adam Dunn in a Reds uniform??