Trent Rosecrans is, as usual, doing the best reporting about the Reds. Today, he interviewed Jerry Hairston, Jr..

Key stuff:
–He came back to the Reds out of loyalty to the organization for giving him a shot last year.
–He says he’ll be healthy from now on, since his hamstring problems were the product of a bad diet. He’s got a dietician now, and says 2008 is repeatable.
–He prefers the infield, but will play anywhere.
–He sees himself batting #2, behind Fast Willy The Out Maker. He mentions them table-setting for Votto and Bruce.

(Unfortunately, I bet BP bats third, making for a lot of “Votto, Bruce, and EE in the second.”

–His goals for 2009 “1. Get on base. 2. Score a ton of runs. 3. Helping the team win.”

I like the goals, at least. He understands how offense works a lot better than most people.

Trent also interviewed Jocketty, who said a bunch of stuff that didn’t surprise and didn’t please me.

No big bat, I don’t think: “I think right now, if we had to go to camp, we’d be fine with that. I’ve talked to Dusty a couple of times today. We’re still looking to improve our bench.”

And nonsense like this: “We’ve got guys who are better athletes and create some havoc on the basepaths and do something that is a little of different than we’ve done in the past.”

So we’ll have havoc, if nothing else.