The battle has begun. What battle, you ask?

The battle to be the Nation’s top commenter of 2009, of course. Y-City Jim was 2008’s grand champion, but if you’ll check out the first sidebar to the right, you will see 2009’s updated totals.

Can anyone knock Jim off his perch? The anticipation is killing me!!!

6 Responses

  1. Dave from Louisville

    I just wanted tp see my name show up

  2. nick in va

    Making the top commenters list is one of my resolutions this year.

  3. Jose

    i dont think i ever made the list cause i change my name all the time

  4. Slattspub

    Sorry to get off topic, but since this forum was somewhat of a free for all I figured I’d bring it up, until a regular forum starts. What is everyone’s thoughts on the Reds going after Andruw Jones? Apparently we are one of the teams interested?