According to the Denver Post:

According to information obtained by The Denver Post, Taveras received $6.25 million on his two-year deal. He will make $2.25 million this season and $4 million in 2010. He can make an additional $250,000 this season if he reaches 600 plate appearances.

Also, Taveras will donate 1 percent of his base salary each year to the Reds’ community fund.

That’s bigger than the Corey Patterson deal. I don’t believe he’ll be as bad as Patterson was last year, but it’s also a lot more than he’s worth. It is not a HUGE amount of money, but it’s not money well spent.

A one year $3M deal, ok…that could have been argued, but paying him $4M next year is inexcusable. It says the Reds believe that their young outfielders (Stubbs, Dorn, Heisey, whoever) are not going to be ready to help the team in ’10.