There are a few more good posts out there in the blogosphere about this whole Willy Taveras business that most of you will be interested to read. First, Justin finally looks at the numbers and weighs in (we’ve been waiting!), and his conclusion is unsurprising:

On initial inspection, Taveras looks like Corey Patterson without the power. Which is to say, he’s not looking very impressive….

So it’s not clear to me that the Reds got much better with this deal. In fact, as this deal makes it less likely that Encarnacion will move to the outfield (which, as my recent snarky anonymous poster indicated, might not have been likely to begin with), this deal might even make the Reds a little bit worse. Yippie.

Go read the rest of the post; lots of interesting stuff in there.

Next, Redlegs Stats Blog undergoes a similar line of inquiry in this post, entitled “Will Taveras be the new Patterson?” The comparison is frightening, if not perfect.

Finally, over at Blue Collar Baseball, Deaner is thinking optimistically:

I’m a old-school guy, so I like the new direction of the Reds outfield. Defense is a fundamental that the Reds have been severely lacking in, and speed never goes into a slump. Taveras’ stats aren’t very impressive (besides the SBs) but he’s only 27, so he is liable to bounce back to 2005-2006 form, and a lot of what he does isn’t going to show up on a stat sheet anyway.

Again, there’s more where that came from, so go read the entire post.