Let’s talk about something that should give all of us cause for legitimate optimism: the farm system. Starting in 2010, the Reds should start seeing a steady stream of these guys ready to really help the major league roster.

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  1. pinson343

    I love the talent we have in our farm system, as well as the young talent on the Reds. But wern’t we saying prior to 2008 that 2009 would be our year ? It seems like prior to every season, we say the season after this one will be our year.

    Ooops, this is supposed to be an optimistic thread. The depth of young talent in the Reds’ system impresses me the most, it will help, but I’m not sure when.

    Maybe WJ is going for the worst record in baseball in 2009, as he has his eye on someone.

  2. David

    What’s the over/under on an optimistic thread getting 5 replies? I go under. Nobody here wants to talk about the positives.

  3. Y-City Jim

    The current optimistic status of the Reds farm system is exactly why Jocketty needs to be patient. I can live with another bad season if there is reasonable hope of improvement after that.

  4. Travis G.

    I’m really excited about Yonder Alonso, who seems like he could develop into a Mark Teixera-type hitter. Even if he falls short of that projection, he seems like a pretty safe bet to become a very good ML hitter, and quickly.

    I suspect the pitchers are more valuable as trade chips, but that’s in part because the Reds already have some quality arms in the bigs. Hopefully Jocketty is able to strike before injuries or poor performance at the higher levels diminish their value.

    And those teenage Dominicans are awfully exciting, if years away.

  5. Kerm

    Not to water down the message here, but does anyone think that this could mean a trade of Harang and/or Arroyro? Looks like we have some pitching depth and could net a few more young guys to come up in 2010.

  6. Pete

    Nice job, Doug. BTW, are you still the lead singer of the Marshall Tucker Band?

  7. Y-City Jim

    I’d settle for trading Arroyo for minor league prospects to further the depth at the MiLB level. Harang is such a workhorse that I’m reluctant to let him go.

  8. doug

    Pete, I am not, nor was I ever lol. Maybe it was someone else, or you have me confused with another Doug.

  9. Pete

    I was just teasing you, Doug. MTB had a few big hits in the 70’s, notably “Can’t You See” and “Heard It In A Love Song”. There lead singer’s name was Doug Gray.