I think it’s safe to say that the Reds blogosphere has weighed in against the Willy Taveras acquisition…

–Doug asks “Why am I even a fan of this team?“:

How is it that its 2008 and baseball is full of so much information that tells us what is good and what is bad that players do at the plate and yet the Reds think its 1980 and slap hitting fast guys are still a good idea? .306 on base percentage and a .603 OPS in COORS FREAKIN FIELD gets you 2 year deal from the Reds.

Daedalus says it’s like getting a lump of coal for Christmas…

— …and Dunn and Dunner wants to know where he can return this Christmas gift.

–Red Reporter says to start drinking heavily.


–CeeKeR says it’s Corey Patterson 2.0.

More from Doug: “A starting outfield that consists of Norris Hopper and Willy Taveras makes me want to smash my skull with a hammer. The Reds absolutely must bring in someone to be an above average bat in left field (at least an .825 OPS) because as the roster currently sits only Joey Votto seems like a good bet to be above average for his position.”