Hope everyone’s enjoying their holiday season but, no, that’s not the only reason to be rejoicing right now. First, Gary Majewski just made the defending world champions worse.

Then, as if there weren’t enough to be happy about right now, our old buddy Jimmy “Leatherpants” Bowden has signed everyone’s favorite ex-Red, Corey Patterson. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love ol’ Leatherpants!

(Then again, Bowden only gave Patterson $800,000. Maybe he’s smarter than the Reds.)

On the other hand, if you aren’t into the whole rejoicing thing, go contribute to Chris’ “Panic Button” thread. Good stuff.

8 Responses

  1. Glenn

    I can’t see any value to any mlb team in the signing of Corey Patterson at 800K. The minor leagues are full of outfielders who have the same level of talent as Patterson and would cost half what he would.

    It just doesn’t make any sense unless you factor in the possibility that some of the management at the Nats may have worked at GM prior to coming to baseball.

  2. Matt B.

    Seriously, what is Bowden thinking?

    And this begs the question: who will be the Reds’ whipping boy this season?

  3. preach

    off topic: but with the Bankees signing Tex, would that make Swisher and/or Nady available and affordable?

  4. KY Chip

    I think Swisher would stick with the Yanks due to his versatility — bats switch, plays 1B and all OF positions. He’s also younger and under contract for two years more than Nady who has just 1 year remaining and is eligible for arbitration next winter.

    Nady’s name has already been thrown out there as a possible trade bait for the Yankees to reduce some payroll expenses. Whoever takes him will likely have to take all of his contract, too. The Giants are currently rumored to be the leader.

    Nady would be a good fit for Cincy as a corner OF, though I can’t see the Reds making the deal.

  5. mhopp

    That is reason to rejoice…no magicless man next year!

  6. Jose

    I would love Nady or Swisher
    there were rumors last year that the reds wanted swish

  7. David

    After the CP debacle why are some of you so enthused about the possibility of Nick Swisher becoming available? That’s incredible to me. Swisher had a whopping .015 of a batting avg. higher than Patterson in 130+ more ABs.

  8. preach

    Swisher is a local product who if memory serves expressed interest in coming to Ohio. A switch hitter who can play as many positions as well as he can definately would be welcome.