From the DDN:

Jamie Dismuke, who was to manage the Dayton Dragons this summer, has instead taken a job as hitting coach for the Class AAA Gwinnett (Ga.) Braves in the Atlanta Braves organization.


The Reds have not announced who will take over the Dragons after letting go of Donnie Scott, who managed the team the last two seasons.


Dismuke was to be part of an all new Dragons field staff, including hitting coach Todd Benzinger and pitching coach Rigo Beltran.

I didn’t understand the Reds letting Donnie Scott go…maybe the Reds will invite him back. He’s been the most successful manager in the history of the Dragons, by far.

2 Responses

  1. matt klinker

    Still not exactly sure why the Reds did not sign Donnie for next season, besides the PC answer of “going in a different direction”.

    I am definitely a player that enjoyed spending the season with him last summer and hope if there is any way it could be done, to give Donnie another opportunity.

  2. Mark In CC

    Merry Christmas.

    As a Dragon’s season ticket holder, the team has been much more enjoyable to watch and usually more comptitive when Donnie is in charge. They actually play with some strategy.

    As much as I would like to see him back, since they have shown him no respect, I hope if given the opportunity he tells them to place their Christmas Stocking somewhere unmentionable.