I just posted this in the comment thread on the outfield story, and thought it would be funny to see others’ thoughts. 

Someone innocently wrote:

If this were the day before spring training was opening, I’d be concerned. Since we don’t play baseball with December’s roster, I’m going to check fire on this and not hit the panic button.

My snide response:

Anyone keeping track of how many times we’ve been told to “not hit the panic button” over the past 10 years?

  • “Don’t panic. Boone may have been a bad manager in KC, but he has a lot more talent here.”
  • “Don’t panic. Reggie Taylor has a lot of talent. Besides, Griffey is the starter.”
  • “Don’t panic. Haynes won 15 games last year. We can count on him.”
  • “Don’t panic. Graves was a great closer. He’s bound to be a solid starter.”
  • “Don’t panic. Van Poppel is just around for AAA depth.”
  • “Don’t panic. Milton is just a sign that they’re going to spend money in free agency.”
  • “Don’t panic. Majewski is one of the best young relievers in the game.”
  • “Don’t panic. There’s no way Patterson will get many ABs.”
  • “Don’t panic. Bako is just there to share the catching duties in spring training.”

Anyone else have favorite “panic” moments since the last time the Reds were any good?