Since we’ve been discussing Adam Dunn a bit lately (I know, big surprise), I thought it was interesting that Dunn has evidently indicated that the Cubs are the frontrunner for his services. Check out this FanGraphs post about Dunn’s value, and what he would bring to the table for the Cubbies.

I really hope Dunn doesn’t sign with another team in the National League Central.

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  1. nick in va

    I hope he doesn’t sign with another NL Central team too, but especially the Cubs. He’d probably end up hitting 25 HRs against the Reds alone.

  2. Glenn

    Can you imagine the numbers Dunn would put up, playing his home games in Chicago?

  3. Brian

    If he signs with the Cubs don’t be surprised if his average doesn’t go up slightly. With Lee, Ramirez, Soriano, etc. Dunn would be protected in the Line-up and probably see better pitches earlier in the count.

    I know Dunn takes a ton of pitches but with that Line-up I could see his walks decrease and average increase by seeing better pitches.

  4. Chris

    I’m at the point where I don’t care. The Reds aren’t going to win anything, regardless. I’m so disenchanted with this organization, and am finding harder and harder to root for laundry.

    At least I could see Dunn play regularly.

  5. John of Muncie

    Interesting. He’s good enough for a playoff team but not for a 5th place one in the same division.

  6. Chris

    Marty would respond that the Cubs are losers and their fans are queer.

  7. Brian


  8. Brian

    oh and Majewski signed with the Phillies. Today is a good day and I say that because I never believe the Reds won’t resign a player until they have actually signed elsewhere.

  9. thigh bone

    At least with the Cubs we can root for him to stick it to Marty with regularity.

  10. Mark in CC

    Hopefully he can do for the Cubs what he did for the Diamondbacks. Lead them from first to second place.

  11. KY Chip

    While I would hate to see Dunn in a Cubs uni, I would find it as a fitting justice that he should return to the NL Central to torment the Reds after all that’s been said about him before and after his departure.

    On the right team, with a potent lineup around him, Dunn might finally be able to show what a monster he could be. Perhaps even the Reds’ front office will realize that Dunn wasn’t the problem — it was the fact he had nobody getting on base ahead of him and nobody behind him to protect him from being pitched around.

    If it happens, then good for Dunn. Just a shame it would have to be with the Cubbies.

  12. mike

    Oh how I wish Dunn were a Red.

    Interesting idea that Dunn would put up better numbers playing in Chicago. Lets not forget that the Reds play in one of the better HR parks in the majors.

    But I thought I’d take a look at the #s
    Career OPS+ for Dunn
    138 Wrigley
    130 Career
    108 GABP

    last years ESPN park factor for hitting HR
    1.23 GABP
    1.16 Wrigley

    for overall offense the GABP and Wrigley are dead even. Wrigley allows significantly more hits while the GABP more HR and 2B.

    at least if Dunn played for the Cubbies I’d still get to watch him play a lot and the Reds are going to be downright awful so I don’t expect to watch them much. I’m wondering if the Reds can put up one of the worst OF they have ever had.

  13. earl

    Adam Dunn being put between Derek Lee and Aramis Ramierez would be a sick 3-4-5, especially considering how loaded the rest of their line up is now. Being that a lack of left handed hitting was seemingly the Cubs Achilles heel last year in the playoffs, I’d say Dunn might be a good fit. AD would also not have to be ‘the dude’ in Chicago, which would probably suit him. I could see him becoming a fan favorite in that town.

    The Cubs defense with Soriano in center would be pretty shaky, but they will still have Reed Johnson to fill in and would probably get a bunch of playing time coming in to spell as a defensive replacement.

    1 Soriano
    2 Theriot
    3 Lee
    4 Dunn
    5 Ramierez
    6 Soto
    7 Fukodome
    8 DeRosa
    9 Zambrano/Marquis

    That is the best lineup in the NL, especially on a day when those two guys are starting.

  14. Dallas

    I hope the Cubs sign him…our pitching staff could use some easy K’s.

  15. pete

    Jeez Mark, did Dunn spit on you or something?

  16. Sultan of Swaff

    I live in the Chicago area. The Cub fans will crucify him more than Reds fans for the strikeouts and his month long stretches where he hits .190. Once they set their mind that you’re not ‘one of us’, there’s no going back. If he doesn’t win them over in the first month, he’s toast.
    I have no problem facing him w/in the division. If we don’t know how to get him out after watching him for 7 years……

  17. Y-City Jim

    Did Dunn follow through on hiring a trainer to work out with this winter? A 250-lb. Dunn might be interesting.

  18. Shane

    “Hopefully he can do for the Cubs what he did for the Diamondbacks. Lead them from first to second place”

    I love it