Is there any way that this can be characterized as anything other than a complete and total disaster?

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  1. Brian

    I’m just hoping that everyone is missing something and someone and the Reds will do something that people aren’t expecting. For instance what alot of people have said on here but hasn’t really be rumored at for a while is Beltre and EE to left or traded for a more proven middle of the order presence.

    To be honest I think that the Reds will get priced out for Hairston cause from what I have been reading is that there are many clubs after him and could end up pricing the Reds out (hopefully doesn’t cause the Reds to overpay for him). Knowing that they downgraded Baldelli’s medical Issues I think he will resign with Tampa Bay and hopefully if Willy is signed then he is only platooned in center with Dickerson.

    Given above is pure opinion and hope. Although I would not mind adding Baldelli as a 4th outfielder/OF platoon guy.

  2. preach

    Tavares, Hairston, and (at present) Baldelli are all 4th outfielders. Not a single one of them are quality starters.

    I hope you are right Brian and there are other deals in the works we know nothing about. While I understand that perhaps the team is trying to hold on until the youth come up in 2010, you still have to lay some sort of foundation for that right now. Face it, not all of them will work out and you are in constant need of trading chips and partners. The holes on this team will make this one miserable spectacle in 2009 if something is not done soon.

  3. GRF

    This might not be a disaster if it is being done with the understanding that these are 4th outfielder, platoon type candidates and that another move is coming to fill at least one of the corner spots with a full time starter (Wigginton, Dye or Burrell maybe, or a shift of EE). If they are planning these names to be full time regulars, then I am baffled by what the overall plan (if any) is. I really fear we may be heading down the old Pirate style of signing older second tier free agents for their name value and a shot at .500 as opposed to planning t try and contend 2-3 years down the road.

  4. World

    If Yonder Alonso is the first baseman of the future, then Joey Votto needs to start playing leftfield. That’s where he will go when the draft pick comes up to the bigs and that may be in the latter stages of 2009. So you have one outfielder for the future. First base? Well, there’s always a veteran hanging around somewhere or EE can move over with Keppinger playing 3B.

  5. shdjk

    If we have to choose from that list I’d have to choose Baldelli and hope that they really have gotten a handle on his condition. At least he has some record of actual production. Looks like another long year though.

  6. daedalus

    Scarier is that we need TWO outfielders, and if this is the best we can come up with for the first one…

    No worries, though. Jim Edmonds will save us from despair.

  7. Cary

    Disaster is a bit melodramatic in December. After the Dunn trade it appeared to be a similar dilemma, yet you have a Dickerson step up and be above average and cover some ground in the OF. The good news is that OF is not the hardest positions on the field to fill with at least average talent. But again, much handwringing for December.

  8. Cary

    BTW, can we possibly be in worse shape considering how many ABs Corey Patterson ate up in the OF last year?

  9. Brothers

    Baldelli’s treatment is a lot better than initially thought. Mitochondrial disorder is basically chronic and can’t get better. Channelopathic disease can be treated through diet.

    (yea, its a cop-out, but I’m a graduate biochemistry student who has to do work today :-).

    So I hope they sign Baldelli for a nice discounted rate.

  10. Mark T

    Hard to sneer at 68 stolen bases. Taveras always annoyed me when he played against the Reds, as when he gets on, he is a huge distraction – a walk or single or error is the equivalent of a double.

  11. Y-City Jim

    68 SB are real easy to sneer at when the guy only got on base 156 times during the season.

  12. preach

    Mark, I highly value the stolen base and the distraction a good runner can cause as well and think it’s measure goes beyond, well, measure. However, Tavares’ OBP is just too low for him to be a leadoff hitter, and that’s the only place Dusty will play a guy with that kind of speed. I wouldn’t mind having him but as a fourth outfielder who would hit in the 7th or 8th hole on days he played. A guy like that would be great to have for double switches or pinch running. Unfortunately the Reds have too many gaping holes to be concerned about filling those types of roles. If we sign another quality outfielder as well, then I would like to have him on the bench. But if we are only going to sign one of the names currently being thrown around I would rather roll the dice on Baldelli then sign Tavares or overpay for Hairston.

    Patterson has great speed too, but he could not get on enough to justify his presence at the top of the order. And his defense is much better than Taveras’.

  13. David

    1) Hairston is looking like he’ll sign with the Mariners so get to learn Aaron Miles.

    2) Baldelli’s price just rose dramatically and teams like the Red Sox and Yankees are in pursuit as well so I doubt the Reds land him.

    3) My money is on the team signing Taveras and Wigginton and calling it a post season.

    4) My projected lineup:

    CF – Dickerson/Taveras
    1B – Votto
    LF- Wigginton
    RF – Bruce
    2B – Phillips
    3B – Encarnacion
    C – Hernandez
    SS – Keppenger/Gonzalez

  14. Chris

    Ty Wiggington batting 3rd = Last Place.

  15. Mike

    It’s the December lull; don’t get discouraged. Uncle Walt will right the ship in Jan./Feb. I say Wiggington to third, EE to LF, and Taveras to center leading off.

  16. Glenn

    If this were the day before spring training was opening, I’d be concerned. Since we don’t play baseball with December’s roster, I’m going to check fire on this and not hit the panic button.

  17. Tom

    The Reds can’t even see fit to move a gold glove caliber 2B back to his original position of SS where we have a dire need. See Brandon Phillips. What would make anyone think that there is even a margin of a chance that they will move a poor fielding 3B, Encarnacion, to the OF when he has never even played there before?

  18. Chris

    Anyone keeping track of how many times we’ve been told to “not hit the panic button” over the past 10 years?

    “Don’t panic. Boone may have been a bad manager in KC, but he has a lot more talent here.”

    “Don’t panic. Reggie Taylor has a lot of talent. Besides, Griffey is the starter.”

    “Don’t panic. Haynes won 15 games last year. We can count on him.”

    “Don’t panic. Graves was a great closer. He’s bound to be a solid starter.”

    “Don’t panic. Van Poppel is just around for AAA depth.”

    “Don’t panic. Milton is just a sign that they’re going to spend money in free agency.”

    “Don’t panic. Majewski is one of the best young relivers in the game.”

    “Don’t panic. There’s no way Patterson will get many ABs.”

    “Don’t panic. Bako is just there to share the catching duties in spring training.”

    I’d say, in retrospect, that the folks who panicked were right a lot more often than they were wrong (Hatteberg, Aurilia, and (ugh) Weathers).

  19. Glenn

    What good does it ever do to hit the panic button? It puts you into panic mode, but I’ve been there before and didn’t like it much. Panic only compounds mistakes. Makes them worse.

    Many of those bad moves listed above were made in the panic state. I’m heartened by having a guy like WJ on board. He seems to make good decisions. I think he’s just taking his time, looking for the best fit. Signing him, may have been the best move Mr. C has made yet.