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As the Reds continue to search for a right-handed hitting outfielder, it appears that Rocco Baldelli may be an option for the Reds after all:

As the Cincinnati Reds continue to look to add a right-handed hitting outfielder, free agent Rocco Baldelli just became that much more appealing, according to MLB.com. Cincinnati has had its eye on Baldelli for a while now, but with Wednesday’s news that Baldelli’s illness is much more treatable and non-progresive than originially diagnnosed, the Reds appear to be increasing their interest in the former Tampa Bay outfielder

Reds GM Walt Jocketty told the Cincinnati Enquirer on Wednesday: “I haven’t talked to his agent [since the report came out]. But if it’s not as critical as it was thought to be, that changes the way we see him. I’m sure it changes it for a lot of clubs.”

Baldelli’s agent has already spoken with numerous teams, including the Rays, this offseason, though it can be assumed that Baldelli will now have more leverage in negotiations since his health is no longer a serious question mark.

Baldelli is just one option Cincinnati is exploring in its pursuit of a right-handed hitting outfielder. The Reds have had discussions with the agent for Juan Rivera. The Reds are also believed to be exploring the possibility of negotiating with Pat Burrell.

Is there any rational reason, by the way, that the Reds are insisting on a right-handed hitting outfielder? Should they be limiting themselves to that particular market?