GM Walt Jocketty talked today about some of the players he’s interested in (some of whom were already suggested here):

After the non-tender list was revealed late Friday night, there were some names that the Reds could pursue. Among those that pique Cincinnati’s interest were outfielder Willy Taveras, utility player Ty Wigginton and infielder Aaron Miles.

“Miles, if we don’t sign [Jerry] Hairston,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said during a break from Redsfest on Saturday afternoon. “Wigginton if we don’t find the outfielder we want. Taveras could be the center fielder -type guy.”

None of those options make me want to go order season tickets, but it’s interesting to see inside Jocketty’s mind. We never would have heard a quote like this from Wayne Krivsky.

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  1. DevilsAdvocate

    The funny thing about it is, it’s kind of a series of backhanded insults to the guys he’s talking about. ‘If we don’t get the kind of outfielder we [i]really[/i] want, I guess we might settle for Wigginton.”

  2. Chris

    That’s a nightmare team, as far as I’m concerned.

    You know who it sounds like? It sounds like the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Wigginton is the best of the three. Taveras is just flat out horrible. Miles only had a 97 OPS+ with Hal McRae as his hitting coach. Imagine how bad he would be with Brook Jacoby.

  4. Jose

    Miles wouldn’t be a bad backup…
    and i dont blame Jacoby
    he did wonders with Dunn
    he brought his average up around 25 points
    remember where it was before Jacoby came
    he is better than he was
    so dont blame it all on jacoby
    look who they gave him?
    he isnt a miracle worker…
    he had Patterson?
    and Valentin?
    ewwww bako…
    geeze give the guy a break

  5. brublejr

    Willy – no thanks, Baker would play him too much.

    Miles – no thanks, he has never been very good, i’d rather go with in house guys for utility players.

    Wiggington – interesting pick-up, I’m not sure if he can play LF or if EE would give any effort in switching to LF.

    Gomes – I would only pick him up as a platoon player in LF with Dickerson, but then that would mean we would have to sign a CF which would probably mean Willy. Gomes is nothing more than a minor league contract with an oportunity to win a spot out of spring training.

    Majewski and Belisle – thank goodness they are gone and I don’t have to watch them anymore.

  6. Jason

    I don’t have a problem with Wigginton, nor do I have a problem with Miles if he’s just a utility guy, but I do not want Corey Patterson Phase II on the team.

    Also, have the Reds said anything about shortstop? Because I haven’t heard anything. Who is going to play there? Right now, that almost seems like a bigger need to me than the outfield. Their are a lot of decent to good corner outfielders available, but only one or two shortstops worth anything.

  7. Ryan

    I have no problem with the Wigginton idea – he provides flexibility at both LF and 3B. Looking at the last three years of Dewan’s +/- Wigginton is at -26 for 3B…which is still better than EE’s -51 (by far the worst). I don’t know if calling that an “improvement” would be appropriate, but at least he could play the actual position.

    As for Wigginton in LF, I’m not sure of his numbers there, but he was above average for the league last year in both FP and RF.

    I agree with brublejr on Miles – use the in-house options. We have some great utility options.

    Tavares…well, he wasn’t as bad in ’06. But I wish someone would ask Jocketty the question about Dickerson in one of these Q&As at Redsfest.

  8. GRF

    Please, please do not bring up the pirates. That is my worst nightmare.

    Wigginton could make some sense if you feel EE can play in the outfield, but i share Chris’s concern. Sounds generally like sinking money into replacement player level vets “just because”.

  9. Dan

    I don’t think it’s “just because.” Look at it this way, would you rather have Wigginton and Homer Bailey, or would you rather have Jermaine Dye? Personally, I’d rather sign Wigginton and keep Homer.

    Wigginton is better than replacement level also, IMO. He’s not a bad player.

  10. Dan

    I’m in favor of signing Wigginton and Gomes (or doing a small-time trade for Nelson Cruz), and trading Edwin to the Giants for Jonathan Sanchez.

    I’m not really down on Edwin — I think he’s a good player (although his defense has been a mess). I just think you can get Wigginton to be almost as good as Edwin, and then get a GOOD young pitcher for Edwin.

    Sanchez is going to be good – he’s a young power lefty who hasn’t put it all together. His numbers look bad b/c of a crazy bad (unlucky) BABIP. If you check out his minor league numbers, they look better than anyone on our staff — better than Bailey, Cueto, Volquez.

    And I just don’t buy that a team can have “enough” pitching depth. It’s the most valuable commodity in baseball. Stock up!

  11. brublejr

    Dan, SF is not going to give up Sanchez. Plain and Simple. Even as much as anyone of us would like to have him. However, I agree I much rather have Wiggington and keep Homer over getting Dye via trade.

  12. per14

    I like the Wiggington idea a lot. He’s been a productive player the last three years; he’d be cheap. No, he wouldn’t be the big bat we’re looking for, but I’m not sure we’re going to get that big bat. And if we do, an OF of Dickerson, Bruce, Big Bat, and Wiggington would be very solid, in my opinion.

  13. GregD

    The Fay is reporting that the Reds signed Lance nix to a minor league deal.

    Interesting note – he was part of the trade that brought Francisco Cordero to the Brewers.

    He’s been good in AAA and never really had a long audition in the majors. Looks like the Rangers rushed him a bit back in 2003/04. I recall that he was considered a pretty good CF prospect at the time. He spent most of the last 2 years with the Brewers AAA team.

    He can play all 3 outfield positions, and I don’t think we’d be disappointed if he started the year on the Reds bench.

  14. Brian

    Lance Nix = low risk high reward signing in my opinion good Bench addition I think.

  15. Phill

    I was about to say isn’t Laynce Nix the guy who left the Rockies to play in the Olympics but it turns out it was his brother Jayson.

    I can’t ever have a problem with low risk-high reward signings.

  16. CeeKeR

    I’m scared that any of the aforementioned players will become 2009’s version of 2008’s Corey Patterson… I think a signing like Nix makes a lot more sense than signing someone like Taveras or Wigginton.

  17. Kurt Frost

    Oh Lordy, Tavares is fast…CF and leadoff.

  18. Travis G.

    Nix is a good low-risk, possible reward signing, but Jocketty’s assessment of Taveras is frightening: “We think he could fill that center field/leadoff role.”

    Wiggington would be a great addition, but he’s not going to come cheap.

  19. Dan

    Wigginton is getting an amazing amount of love from fans of all teams on various websites I troll around on (such as

    If that is any indication, he may not be a good “buy low” candidate.

  20. Dan

    I think Jonny Gomes could be a good buy-low candidate for LF. He strikes out a LOT and that could be a problem, but even w/ that he hit something like .272/.398/.529 in the minors.

    I’d take a flyer on him – he’s got a lot of power, but is coming off one terrible year (which could work to our advantage).

  21. bweav44

    I was very disappointed to read comments from Brian Sabean that the Giants are not going to trade Sanchez. I hope that’s just posturing, because other than Bumgarner I don’t want anyone else from the Giants roster for E5. (And there’s no way the Giants give him up, I know).

    I’d like to have Wigginton, depending on what his salary demands are. He’s still not the middle of the order bat we need from the right side, but we may not have it for ’09. Personally, I’d like to see Phillips hitting #2 and think that him hitting cleanup the last two years has hurt his hitting approach.

    I also want to see Keppinger playing 3 out of 4 days, hitting 7th or 8th, and 3rd seems to be the best position for him (hoping A Gon isn’t gone). We have all been cheated out of seeing what should’ve been the best double play combo in the National League the last two years.

    If you have Hernandez, Gonzalez, and Keppinger batting 6-7-8 that’s not too shabby.

  22. Dan

    Any decent team in this era has to be getting some power out of its 3B. I don’t like having Keppinger as our starting 3B. I do like Keppinger, but I think I like him as the primary backup at 2B, SS, and 3B, getting maybe 300 AB’s or so spelling the starters.

    Keppinger is below average at drawing walks and below average in power, so he basically has to hit .300 or better to have positive value.

    And maybe he’ll do that – he certainly did it in 2007, and he was hurt for a lot of 2008.

    But that’s a hard way to be a good hitter — to have to hit .300.

  23. bweav44

    I’ll agree with you Dan that 3B is a traditional power position, but if you’re getting that from other positions you can afford to play the person that fits the overall team best. I think a good example is Pedro Feliz for the Phillies. They get power from SS and 2B, so they can afford to play the best defensive guy.

    I also agree that unless Kepp is hitting over .300 (which is as much a factor of BABIP as anything), his value is diminished. However, hitting 8th I think he has a lot of value because he’s a pesky hitter. An opposing pitcher doesn’t have the luxury of an easy out in front of the pitcher and strategically I think that’s a real benefit. If there are guys on, he can give you some rbi’s or certainly hit behind guys. He can also get on in front of the pitcher’s spot and create sacrifice opportunities.

    My comments are predicated on Gonzalez playing and Walt getting something of value out of an E5 trade or position change. I love Kepp’s versatility and would definitely add 1B and LF to his possible positions next year…whatever it takes to get him regular at bats.

    I agree that he probably should not be this team’s everyday 3B. I still think that Adrian Beltre is the player that can help this team the most. I haven’t heard squat about the Mariners since the Putz deal, but am watching them and the Giants closely.

  24. mhopp

    Tavaras might be fast Kurt but he’s not Corey Patterson fast!

  25. Matt McWax

    There’s no point in signing Taveras. You might as well call up Stubbs or Heisey, or play Hopper.

  26. preach

    But bwev44, Feliz split time with a guy who did have some power, and that was part of their success.

    With the impending Braves signing of Furcal (not too suprising), what about making a play for Escobar? I think I mentioned this someplace else here, but he would be an outstanding addition.