The Reds are continuing their search for a right-handed hitting outfielder. Says John Fay:

In the quest for a right-handed hitting outfielder, the Reds have talked to representatives for free agents Rocco Baldelli and Juan Rivera.

The significant news: They plan to talk to Pat Burrell’s representatives as well.

“They called us,” Walt Jocketty said.

Well, that’s interesting.

I can’t imagine the Reds would be seriously interested in signing Pat Burrell. After all, he’s a right-handed (but less-productive, and older) Adam Dunn, and the Reds ran Adam Dunn out of town. I mean, I’d like to have Burrell on the team (though, as you know, I’d rather have Dunn), but I just can’t see that ever happening.

With respect to the rest of the talk, I’m intrigued by this idea from Doug:

Walt Jocketty has said he has spoken to the agents of Juan Rivera and Rocco Baldelli. Personally, I would love to see both of them brought in and platooned with Chris Dickerson in a 3 way platoon between CF and LF. Dickerson is less proven, but provides a lot of upside but still can’t hit lefties.

Interesting. Each player has their flaws, but taken together, they might be able to man two outfield positions adequately. Plus Baldelli probably can’t play every day anyway.

Of course, I keep having a premonition that Dusty Baker is going to see to it that Jerry Hairston, Jr., is going to be our Opening Day centerfielder.