We’re starting to get an idea of how the bullpen will be constructed for 2009. As already reported, Mike Lincoln was re-signed (shoulda been a one-year deal, but I can’t get too worked up about that; we like Lincoln here) and David Weathers accepted arbitration, and will return. (I’m sick to my stomach about having to endure Weathers for another year. Not because he’s bad, but because I have an admittedly irrational dislike for the feeling I get every time Weathers stands on the mound. It’s positively Graves-like.)

Anyway, other rumors surrounding the bullpen are out there. First of all, GM Walt Jocketty appears to be extremely interested in lefty Arthur Rhodes. An offer is on the table for him, and they are still in discussions.

Also, the Reds have been in talks with the agent for portly lefty Dennys Reyes. I think Reyes may cost too much, but I would love to see him back in Cincinnati for a second tour of duty. But can you believe, as someone noted in the comments to a post below, that Reyes is only 31 years old? How can that be?