From the AP:

Free agent reliever David Weathers accepted the Cincinnati Reds’ offer of arbitration before the midnight ET deadline on Sunday. That means he will return for a one-year contract with his salary to be determined by a third-party arbiter. Cincinnati placed Weathers back on its 40-man roster, which now carries 39 players.

Seems to me like the Reds will end up overpaying Weathers, if he plays under a one year arbitration contract. It also tells me the front office doesn’t have confidence that the youngsters in the organization are ready, at least at this point.

I hope the Reds don’t sign Weathers for more than the one year. I’d just sign him as a one year solution and some of the young pitchers should be ready this year or, at worst, next.

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  1. GregD

    It says to me that they’d rather retain a couple of their own free agents than sign/trade for other relief pitchers. I figured they’d have at least 2 veterans in addition to Cordero.

    I think they were also taking a shot at a sandwich pick if Weathers would have declined arbitration and signed elsewhere. As a type B free agent, the signing team wouldn’t have lost a draft pick, but the Reds would have picked one up.

  2. GregD

    What’s the bullpen currently?
    (no particular order) Cordero, Weathers, Lincoln, Burton, Bray, open, open?

  3. nycredsfan

    That’s basically it. Seems like they need to add a lefty and a long man. I’d guess that one of the young guys competing for the 5th rotation spot who doesn’t get it could become the long man. I’d like to see it be Owings or Thompson. It’d be very cool to have Owings pinch hit for the starter, then just stay in the game as the reliever.

    As for Weathers, I guess I don’t mind having him one more year, although he will be overpaid. I just keep waiting for him to explode, as the peripheral stats indicate he’s been pretty lucky. Maybe Jocketty will trade him, with others, for a bat.

  4. David

    Arthur Rhodes is reportedly leaning toward the Reds. I would also think that Josh Roenicke would fill a slot as well.

  5. Mark in CC

    I think after they looked at what was available they determined that he was more cost effective.

    Since the Winter Meetings are a time to think about trades and what could happen, here is a thought I had over the weekend. The Mets are interested in closer. Maybe CoCo could be there man in a trade and then Dusty could sign Kerry Woods. CoCo would be cheaper than K-Rod for the Mets, Woods would be cheaper than CoCo and we might get one of the Mets young outfielders. Heck I would even take Brian Scnedider, instead of a young guy, who the Mets are supposedly trying to move.

    Win-Win for everyone.

  6. Sultan of Swaff

    I like that plan, Mark. Unfortunately, Minaya has so many options in the free agent market, he won’t have to overpay like we did and still get his man. He has indicated he’s likely to sign a FA. I also see Laird is likely headed to Detroit, which doesn’t break my heart. The rumors were that the Reds were balking at the asking price (young pitching). Hopefully this means Walt covets the young pitching and that Bailey is the exception.

  7. nycredsfan

    Yeah, I’m not too sad about the loss of Laird. However, Detroit only gave up a AA prospect and a 17-year old. Can’t help but think we could have offered more without giving up any of our MLB-ready talent.

  8. David

    The Rangers’ asking price for Laird was reportedly Josh Roenicke. To me that seems mighty high for a ho-hum catcher who is arbitration elligible.

    To me the better Texas catcher was Teagarden, but the Rangers’ asking price for Teagarden from Boston was either Clay Bucholz or Justin Masterson. The equivalent is likely Volquez or Cueto. You can see why the Reds balked at that – as did Boston for that matter.

  9. Sabo'sGoggles

    Who cares about missing out on Laird? His career line is .255/.306/.383 – BARF.

  10. David

    Mark – Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger reported that the Mets inquired about BJ Ryan. That should seem to indicate that the Mets are at least willing to look at trade options. However, given CoCo’s contract and the saturation of the closer market right now, I can’t see us getting much in the way of prospects for Cordero. I also haven’t seen Cordero linked to the Mets.

  11. Joel

    It could just mean that the Reds thought they would get the sandwich pick on Weathers and offered him arbitration. At that point it’s totally Weathers’s call. Perhaps he wasn’t finding the market for his services that he expected.

  12. DevilsAdvocate

    I completely agree with Joel’s take. The Reds offered Weathers arbitration because they fully expected someone else to sign him, and wanted to at least collect a draft pick when that happened. Then unexpectedly the player turned around and accepted, leaving the team stuck with the bill after all. It must have been that teams were not so eager to overpay for middle relievers anymore (are there no more Wayne Krivskys out there?)

    As far as the unexpected arbitration acceptance goes, I think the same thing happened to the Braves & Greg Maddux a few years back.

  13. Sabo'sGoggles

    Rumor on about the possibility of the Reds swapping Freel for Ramon Hernandez.

  14. GregD

    Of 24 free agents offered arbitration, only 2 accepted – Weathers and Darren Oliver (who was a Type A free agent and would have cost a team a draft pick.)

    One of those to decline was former Red Dennys Reyes. Can’t believe that guy is only 31 years old. Anyways, says he is looking for a 3-yr $12M contract. I don’t see anything in his numbers that dictate that kind of contract, and it looks like the past 3 years in Minnesota he’s only been a LH specialist.

  15. David

    I just saw the Hernandez rumor as well. The original article simply reads: “It’s possible that they won’t have to eat as much of [Ramon Hernandez’s] contract as originally anticipated, because one of the interested teams also is looking to dump salary. In return, the Orioles would get a utility-type player who could move from the infield to the outfield.”

    The Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros are two teams looking for a catcher. ”

    Tim “connects the dots” and speculates that it could be Ryan Freel.

    With Freel owed 4 million and Hernandez 8 million for next season, that is hardly a salary dump. The Reds will essentially be paying 4 million for a half-time catcher.

  16. Mr. Redlegs

    “Who cares about missing out on Laird? His career line is .255/.306/.383 – BARF.”

    Yeah, catching and shortstop have nothing to do with defense. Ruff.

  17. Josh

    Does anyone thing Daniel Cabrera would be an interesting option? I do.

  18. David

    Where does Cabrera fit? He is another right handed starter comparable to Owings who is already under team control.

  19. Phill

    Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather keep Freel as a utility guy then get Ramon Hernandez. There’s plenty of ‘meh-type’ veterans in free agency. Sign one as a backup.

  20. earl

    Ramon Hernandez paired with Ryan Hannigan would be an upgrade on what we have had at catcher for the past couple of years.

    The Reds will have a couple of utility guys that can play outfield/infield with Wilkin Castillo and if they bring back Jerry Hairston, so I would say Freel could be dealt.

    Hernandez is the kind of guy that the Reds could get and in might get lucky and hit 25 dingers from the catcher spot playing in Great American. His power has been down a bit with Baltimore, but he hit some homers playing in both SD and Oakland, which are not power friendly parks. He only has one year left on his contract, so it isn’t a long term deal and you might get lucky and he has a big year playing for a deal.

    I’d rather see them make this deal for a loner like Hernandez, than lay out a ton of cash for Dye and give up a young pitcher or two.

  21. GregD

    “Yeah, catching and shortstop have nothing to do with defense. Ruff.”

    Are you saying that Laird is a good defensive catcher?

  22. Chris

    I think DA has it right: They made a reasonable gamble that Weathers would turn down arb and take free agency. Either Weathers realized the market sucks for setup men who can’t strike anyone out, or he only wants to play one more year.

    Unfortunately for the Reds, the arbitration process (unlike the free agent market) has no “but we’re in a recession” provision.

    Maybe we can trade him, because there’s almost nothing less likely to make me watch games next year than Weathers’ return. (Corey Patters = “almost nothing,” in this, and many other ways).

  23. Chris

    I should note that this Weathers move isn’t the end of the world, baseball-wise. He’ll be overpaid, but not be an exorbitant amount. He can still be traded, and he’s likely to be okay at least. I just don’t like having him on my team.