Two years, four million, according to reports. I like Lincoln, and I’ll be glad to have him around next year. On the other hand, Rotoworld may have a point:

Bob Howry gets $2.75 million for one year and Lincoln gets two? The 33-year-old Lincoln was an adequate reliever for the Reds in his comeback season, finishing with a 4.48 ERA in 70 1/3 innings. Of course, it was his first major league action since 2004. Just once in his career has he thrown at least 50 innings and posted an ERA under 4.00. There’s simply no reason to be giving such a pitcher a two-year guarantee.

Good point. Then again, it’s not my money and Lincoln will probably be worth having around in 2009, at least. As long as the Reds understand the concept of sunk costs — and there is evidence that Castellini does — then I’m not going to get too worked up over this.