Some items after a very quiet holiday week…

–Big deadline coming up that will help determine how the rest of the free agent season is going to proceed:

On Monday, teams must decide whether to offer their free agents arbitration. If receiving the offer by midnight ET, players would have until next Sunday to accept or decline.

If a player accepts, he is automatically retained by his team for one more year at a salary to be determined by an arbiter.

The deadline is especially critical for Type-A or Type-B free agents and any clubs interested in signing them. If those players are offered arbitration, their former teams would receive compensation Draft picks in return if they sign elsewhere.

The Reds have eight remaining free agents, but only reliever David Weathers was ranked under the Elias statistical ratings as a Type-B free agent.

Conditions appear favorable that Weathers will be offered arbitration. According to his agent, Weathers has attracted interest from at least six other clubs, and the Reds would receive a sandwich-round Draft pick if he departed.

You gotta think the Reds will offer arbitration to Weathers. Even if he accepts, the Reds would be on the hook for just one year at a reasonable amount. If he declines, they get a crappy draft pick, but it’s something.

–It appears that Jermaine Dye may still be in play, which doesn’t make me very happy. I don’t think he fits into what the Reds are trying to do here, but:

As for talk that the Reds could be interested in outfielder Jermaine Dye, whom the Chicago White Sox are reported to be shopping, Jocketty said:

“I’m not going to comment. But we have talked to the White Sox about some players. Nothing is close.”

The way tampering rules work, Jocketty cannot say he’s pursuing Dye. But in the case of San Diego shortstop Khalil Greene, Jocketty was comfortable shooting down the rumor.

So there’s probably some interest in Dye, a 34-year-old right-handed-hitting outfielder who hit .292 with 41 doubles, 34 home runs and 96 RBI in 154 games last season.

Just doesn’t make sense, unless you think the Reds are a player or two away from being competitive in 2009. I just can’t see how that is possible.